Christa Tuesday - Week 5

The picture above is not from last week but is one that the lovely Andrea took while she was here. Right now, Christa's wee face is covered in baby acne so I'm not exactly throwing the camera in her grill every time I turn around. It is getting better though, so that's good. At one point this week she had terrible acne, diaper rash and poop in every single diaper that was not exactly helping her booty cause. She cries like I am trying to kill her when I give her the bottle so I got the most frustrated I've been since I had her. I literally punched a wall. Yeah. It was a low point.
However! After my wee meltdown and pity party of feeling like the worst mother on the planet, everything but the bottle turned around. Her poops are more of the impressive kind as opposed to a tiny dose of poop in every diaper. The diaper rash/yeast infection thing was treated and has healed so she no longer needs her tiny butt crack smothered in Desitin and medicine at every diaper change. Her acne seems to be on the way out. The crying at the bottle thing seems to help her sleep for longer stretches so maybe that's a good thing? I've gotten another 5 hour and 4.5 hour sleep from her and that makes me feel much better.
She's got such an even temperament despite the bottle meltdown. She hardly ever cries, just kind of squawks. She's focusing her eyes more, especially when Casey is in her face. Boy does she have a special place in her heart for her brother and he just adores her. It's very special and I'm appreciating it so much until it turns into inevitable sibling rivalry. I am very happy with my sweet little daughter.


Coodence said...

she's so cute, joseph!

Andrea said...

I'm not gonna lie. I love that photograph. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Also, yay for more sleeps!