Christa Tuesday - Week 3

Christa and I are home alone this week because Husband went back to work. Yesterday we were at Gaga's house and she rolled from stomach to back with no assistance. That was pretty insane but this girl is very strong for someone so little. She is constantly trying to throw herself back and to the left when I hold her on my chest. When I change her diapers, she locks her legs so tight that I have trouble putting the tabs around her tummy. I'm pretty confident she has a line in her thigh that is all muscle. Crazy thing worked out like a champ when she was in my tummy so I don't know why I'm so surprised.
This morning I went and picked up her official birth certificate. I called our insurance and added her to our policy. It's little things like this that make things seem so real. This morning when we were in the lobby to get her paperwork, someone said she had a very definitive look and just couldn't stop telling me how pretty she was. Everywhere we take her she is ooh-ed and aah-ed over which sure is a nice compliment for me. The kids at Casey's daycare, and the teachers too, are so enamored of her when I take her in to drop him off or pick him up. Getting two littles out the door in the morning all by myself has its challenges but we'll get there.
She's doing really well as far as sleeping goes. We're still up about every three hours to change a diaper and give her some boob. She sleeps most of the day but is awake for longer stretches of time. It's such a treat to see those eyes of hers which are beginning to focus more each time. Husband swears she looks at him until he looks at her and then she turns away. Casey tells her "Hi, Wakers!" every time he sees her with her eyes open and that is super cute. He also is very sensitive to her cries and tells me to change her diaper or "Sister needs boobies." Such a good helper.