Weekend Pictures

We took a quick trip down to see BFF and company down in L.A. for a delicious brunch on Sunday. I can't recall a time I ate so much in a single sitting. Goodness! The photos I took there are just too much for me.
 Here's Casey having a tea party for one.
 Words I never thought I'd utter: "That's enough lipstick, Casey."
The boy is pretty in pink, what can I say?
Sasha has met Christa once before but this time she got some real face time in.
She also did a great job holding Christa. Note her rad rhino tattoo!
 This was a selfie I took at the park on Saturday when we were enjoying the weather.
Casey cannot get enough of holding Sissie's hands or toes.


Goodbye March Haiku Friday

I don't remember 
Much about the month of March
A bit of a blur
Lots of visitors
And doctor appointments, too
Just no working though!
Tore down the sunroom
So now we have a nice porch
Wanna come over?


Weight Update

I guess I sort of can't believe this but yesterday, for the first time in a long time, the scale read 190 pounds which was my wedding weight and the goal weight I wanted to return to. I was looking back at pictures from when I was doing the weight loss challenges with Jessica and found this one that was the least flattering angle and closest to my heaviest weight of 224 pounds. I am down 34 pounds from around this time last year. I was 224 when I got pregnant, lost a bunch of weight because of morning sickness and was 224 when Christa was born. I was sick and tired of being in the 200 club and now I'm out and I just can't believe it.
I stopped by work on Tuesday to chit chat with my boss and he was telling me about a weight-loss challenge he and the other guys were doing. I told him I should have jumped in because I totally would have won! When I told him how much I weighed at my heaviest, he told me that was what he currently weighed. I wasn't trying to be a dick but I said "You mean no one told me I was as fat as you?" He said, "Well, you were pregnant." But no. I was that big before. There was no excuse. I am stunned and maybe just a little bit disgusted.
Here are some things I have realized I'm doing differently:
  • I had a baby so I lost her and all that fluid weight. That's obviously given me a jump start.
  • I'm constantly nursing so that's a real calorie burner. 
  • Also a calorie burner? Chasing after a three-year old and doing laundry and cleaning house. Because I'm home all day, this is what I do. All day. Clean and do laundry. And keep up with Casey. And Christa. Stay at home mom stuff.
  • I have stopped eating out every day at lunch. Now I just eat a sandwich and some chips or something comparably small. I don't feel "full" but I really don't think I need to. I'm also really trying to work on portion control with dinner because Husband is not afraid to dish out some piles of food.
  • Because I go to sleep early with Christa, I pretty much stop eating after dinner. So long, nightly snack of ice cream. Now it's just a few spoonfuls with Casey if I get the urge.
  • I stick to only one beer a day with dinner as opposed to the several a night and heavy weekend intake I was drinking before. Because of nursing, I have like two tops if I have more than one.
  • I drink lots and lots of water.
  • I also just eat what I want when I feel hungry so I snack on little things more often throughout the day.
  • I have no access to the candy dish at work but will still have a handful of M&Ms or Mini Eggs should the urge to have something sweet strike me.
  • I'm not on my butt at a desk 8 hours a day.
So that's that. Can't wait until I can start working some sort of exercise back into my day! I'm not ready to set a new goal weight yet but I would love to get out of these sort-of-loose size 14s and into maybe some 10s again? Baby steps. Right now I'm just enjoying this.


Christa Tuesday - Week 5

The picture above is not from last week but is one that the lovely Andrea took while she was here. Right now, Christa's wee face is covered in baby acne so I'm not exactly throwing the camera in her grill every time I turn around. It is getting better though, so that's good. At one point this week she had terrible acne, diaper rash and poop in every single diaper that was not exactly helping her booty cause. She cries like I am trying to kill her when I give her the bottle so I got the most frustrated I've been since I had her. I literally punched a wall. Yeah. It was a low point.
However! After my wee meltdown and pity party of feeling like the worst mother on the planet, everything but the bottle turned around. Her poops are more of the impressive kind as opposed to a tiny dose of poop in every diaper. The diaper rash/yeast infection thing was treated and has healed so she no longer needs her tiny butt crack smothered in Desitin and medicine at every diaper change. Her acne seems to be on the way out. The crying at the bottle thing seems to help her sleep for longer stretches so maybe that's a good thing? I've gotten another 5 hour and 4.5 hour sleep from her and that makes me feel much better.
She's got such an even temperament despite the bottle meltdown. She hardly ever cries, just kind of squawks. She's focusing her eyes more, especially when Casey is in her face. Boy does she have a special place in her heart for her brother and he just adores her. It's very special and I'm appreciating it so much until it turns into inevitable sibling rivalry. I am very happy with my sweet little daughter.


Movie Review Monday

This weekend I did something I never thought I would do: I brought my one-month old daughter to the movies. I think it's fitting, however, that it was Muppets Most Wanted because why shouldn't her first movie be a Muppet Movie? You never realize just how loud it is in a theater until you have a baby in there with you. It didn't seem to phase her, though; she slept through the whole thing and never cried or caused a scene so I didn't have to be "that mom."
I've been so excited for this movie to come out because it not only stars my favorite puppet creations, but also the incomparable Tina Fey. It's hard to believe The Muppets came out 3 years ago! Seems like only yesterday Casey was begging to have that soundtrack played on repeat every time we were in the car. I knew it would be a tough act to follow but they seemed to have really nailed the sequel despite the opening sequence song that basically stated sequels are never as good as the first film (despite this being like the 7th Muppet film). Speaking of songs? All of them were absolutely wonderful and I wouldn't mind listening to them ad nauseam should either of my children request it.
That being said, Casey was very upset that Kermit was a bad guy. Of course, it wasn't Kermit but a doppelganger named Constantine but you try explaining that to a three-year old. Casey has been to several movies now but this is the first time he ever crawled on my lap, buried his head into my chest and told me "I don't want to watch this movie any more." I think it's very hard to see a beloved character not being so beloved plus this movie was pretty dark what with the heists and gulags and what have you. We had many a lengthy discussion at home about Constantine, I will tell you that. I loved it but maybe three was too young for this particular movie. I'm not a Modern Family viewer but Ty Burrell really stole the show. It didn't hurt that he was side by side with one of my favorite Muppets, Sam The Eagle, for most of his scenes.
Yeah. What can I say? I'm a big fan of the rebirth and resurgence of the Muppets. I hope they keep up the good work they are doing with the new generation so I have an excuse to continue with my childish devotion. I mean, I even wore a Muppets shirt and we went on opening weekend. I'm almost 37. I hope I'm never, ever too old for these felt friends.


Time Flies Haiku Friday

I wake up and blink
And next thing I know it's noon
But I woke at 5
Christa has outgrown
Her newborn clothes and diapers
In merely a month
Next Monday will mark
6 weeks maternity leave
Only 6 more left


Christa Tuesday - One Month/Week 4

Christa turned one month old yesterday, exactly four weeks after she was born. This picture was taken in the morning with Casey wearing his Big Bro shirt. We don't call her Christa much in this house, she's mostly just Sis or Sissy. It's funny how much I obsessed about my kids' names when they were inside me and I rarely call either of them what I worked so hard to name them.
We had a doctor's visit this morning and she is right on track with her growth. Last night we tried giving her a bottle, really for the very first time. She refused to take a bottle in the hospital and I just never attempted it again. Now that she's a month old, though, I'm feeling better about leaving her and since I don't have a breast pump, we gave formula a shot. She had about an ounce but was pretty pissed off about it the whole time so we'll just keep trying before bed time until it becomes something she's okay with. I'm only breastfeeding until I go back to work so she may as well try the bottle now.
She's still a big grunter but every now and then she lets out a coo or a "hey" that's really cute. She can roll from tummy to back but seems to enjoy tummy time. She had her first portrait sitting yesterday (pictures here for a limited time) and slept right through them. It was a much easier experience than I had with her brother at one month so that was lovely. She still is on a 2.5 - 3 hour stretch at night as far as sleeping goes but we did get a 5 hour stint and a 4 hour stint recently so I hope that changes.
Here are her stats from today's visit:
  • Went from 8 lbs 12 oz to 9 lbs 13 oz. and is now in the 67th percentile
  • Went from 21.5" to 22.5" and is now in the 91st percentile
  • Head went from 14-1/2" in circumference to 14-3/4" and is in the 61st percentile


Haiku Monday With Weekend Pics

Andrea was here
To meet and shoot the baby
And brought her wee dog
Casey sure loved her
Betty was thrilled with Gladys
It's fun to have guests
The weather was warm
And the company was great
I have no complaints
 Me & Andrea on the Ventura Pier, soaking in the rays and being adorable.
 Casey & Husband were there looking adorable as well.
 Then we were doing a Christa photo shoot and this happened.
And this little dog is a Benji/Baxter hybrid of boundless energy named Gladys that looks like she is made of arts & crafts.


Christa Tuesday - Week 3

Christa and I are home alone this week because Husband went back to work. Yesterday we were at Gaga's house and she rolled from stomach to back with no assistance. That was pretty insane but this girl is very strong for someone so little. She is constantly trying to throw herself back and to the left when I hold her on my chest. When I change her diapers, she locks her legs so tight that I have trouble putting the tabs around her tummy. I'm pretty confident she has a line in her thigh that is all muscle. Crazy thing worked out like a champ when she was in my tummy so I don't know why I'm so surprised.
This morning I went and picked up her official birth certificate. I called our insurance and added her to our policy. It's little things like this that make things seem so real. This morning when we were in the lobby to get her paperwork, someone said she had a very definitive look and just couldn't stop telling me how pretty she was. Everywhere we take her she is ooh-ed and aah-ed over which sure is a nice compliment for me. The kids at Casey's daycare, and the teachers too, are so enamored of her when I take her in to drop him off or pick him up. Getting two littles out the door in the morning all by myself has its challenges but we'll get there.
She's doing really well as far as sleeping goes. We're still up about every three hours to change a diaper and give her some boob. She sleeps most of the day but is awake for longer stretches of time. It's such a treat to see those eyes of hers which are beginning to focus more each time. Husband swears she looks at him until he looks at her and then she turns away. Casey tells her "Hi, Wakers!" every time he sees her with her eyes open and that is super cute. He also is very sensitive to her cries and tells me to change her diaper or "Sister needs boobies." Such a good helper.


Haiku Friday

Went to work today
Because my replacement's gone
Squared some things away
Miss those damn people
I guess I miss working too
Being productive
Being a mom's nice
Staying at home? Tedious
Clean, feed, change diapers


Thursday Things

  • In two weeks Christa went from 7 lbs 14 oz to 8 lbs 12 oz. She went from 21" to 21.5" long. Her head went from 13-3/4" to 14-1/2" in circumference. I question that last one. Weight is 62%, Length is 87% and head is 72%. She's right where she needs to be.
  • Found out today that New Guy (aka my maternity replacement) was fired. He didn't even last a whole month. Awesome. I guess that's job security for me right? I'm also flattered that I've made it work with my crazy boss for 8 years considering no one seems to be able to tolerate him for very long. Neat.
  • For as long as I can remember, my dad was part of a Dodgers ticket pool where he would pick tickets to distribute at work. A perk of being the owner of our company was that he could pick a game just for my birthday. It's a tradition that has spanned my entire life as far as I'm concerned. Yesterday my other boss, the uncrazy one, asked me if I would like to take over for my dad and make the picks, taking a set of tickets as a "thank you." I guess this means my birthday game tradition can continue but it also made me bawl. I really fucking miss my dad.
  • Speaking of my dad, Casey always called him Papa. Right now my uncles from Germany are visiting and Casey is calling them "The Papas." I'm pretty sure it's because they have goatees but it doesn't really matter the reason because it melts my heart. My uncle's husband, Hubertus, couldn't be more worthy of the title "Papa" and has a very special connection with Casey. It's real sweet and I just couldn't be more thrilled that Casey has a couple stand-ins to maybe fill a little bit of the void my dad left.


Movie Review

I'm sure I have discussed here that I'm a hockey fan. It's been a long time since I attended a game or even watched one on TV but I sure like it when I get to be a part of it. I had read an article in the Entertainment Weekly a long, long time ago about an unexpectedly good hockey movie called Goon but never got around to seeing it until we pulled it up on Netflix this week. It's a story of a not-so-smart bouncer - played by Stiffler - who really has no "thing" in life other than a thick skull and an ability to dole out and take a punch like a champ. His buddy - Jay Baruchel - is a hockey fan with a sports public access TV show who takes him to a game where he gets into a fight with a player. This leads to Stiffler becoming a not very good hockey player but a good fighter on the ice. Basically, the whole movie is building up to have him fight Liev Schreiber's hockey playing tough guy who is on his way to retirement. It sounds very basic and not very good but Stiffler is a real sweet and innocent dummy who falls in love along the way as his hockey career develops. I laughed a lot at the hockey announcer and Husband and I both really liked the movie a lot more than we thought we would. Just thought you should know in case you are looking for a random flick to kill some time that has a cast of recognizable faces and a none too shabby storyline.


Christa Tuesday - Week 2

Miss Christa is two weeks old today. She doesn't do very much but she poops and pees like a champ and can't seem to get enough of the boobie. We've been out and about almost every day, just small trips here and there to run errands. She sleeps most of the day and seems to do okay at night so far. I'm up about every 2-3 hours to feed and change her. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less but I don't feel nearly as exhausted or frustrated as I did the first go 'round of this whole parent-of-a-newborn thing like I did with Casey.
We took her to get weighed last Wednesday and she'd gained back every pound she'd lost since she was born so that was great. We go to the doctor again tomorrow for her 2-week checkup. I can't believe how quickly time is going by. I'm really enjoying maternity leave this time around and have zero desire to go back to work even though I really miss having a grownup job to do that doesn't require feeding or changing someone. Husband has been off work and Casey has been going to daycare which is really best for everyone. Casey gets the attention and stimulation I just can't give him with a baby stuck to my chest every two hours. Husband and I get some quality time together that we've been seriously lacking for the last six years of him living in San Diego.