Weekend Pics and Tuesday Thoughts

 Here's Casey's very first homemade project from school. That bug foot impostor can be laid to rest. I love those little hands.
 This is my belly. I look at it a lot. I would like it to go away.
 Casey wanted a picture with Mama so Mama made it happen. Love this guy.
Yup. Yesterday. I want it gone.

Casey was sick with a cough and never-ending snot the entire three-day weekend so we finally took him to the doctor this morning. He had a temperature of 103.4. They ruled out the flu and strep but sent him for chest x-rays. It may be pneumonia. He has a rash on his chest that may mean it's viral. They said there's this weird virus going around and if he has that we have to be separated. That sounds terrible to me.
This morning I also went to see my OBGYN. I was not dilated any further than I was on Thursday. He used his finger to get things moving. I'm supposed to go back at 2 for a follow up to see if any progress is being made. I don't know that he'll induce necessarily. I'm definitely having contractions. Shit hurts.
And finally I guess I should mention that today is the three-month "anniversary" of my dad's passing. I'm in a foul mood. I miss him and Casey's been talking about him a lot. My mom and I are both holding strongly to our belief that he wants Christa born today so we don't forget about him. Sounds silly maybe but it doesn't make it less true for me. It's hard to put on a happy face with this and a sick son and being so goddamn close to giving birth. I'm not going to lie.


Lurker Girl said...

Keeping fingers crossed for a quick and easy delivery!! I was hoping for a Valentine's Birthday for you..but she'll get here when she gets here!

Good luck!

Coodence said...

Looks like you got your wish joseph!
Next time, ask for a million dollars too dude. Aim higher.