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I was so preoccupied with playing catch-up yesterday that I forgot to do my movie review. We went and saw the first showing of The Lego Movie on Saturday - opening weekend, no less! We'd been seeing previews for this silly thing for as far back as I can remember so we were all pretty pumped about it. Plus, it's been kind of a Lego year for us what with the "marathon" we just participated in and Casey's new-found interest in the actual building block toy. I'm also super nostalgic for Legos because when my brother and I were kids that's pretty much all we played with together.
Basically, this movie is about Emmet who is a construction worker in a perfectly perfect Lego town. Even though he's pretty ordinary, he stumbles upon something that makes him the key to saving the universe from the evil Lord Business. He's guided along on his adventure by a punk-rock chick named Wyldstyle (who also happens to be dating Batman) and a wise old Wizard. Along the way we see different Lego towns and meet all kinds of interesting and different "master builders." If you're not blown away by the special effects then you are a more jaded man than I. Even without 3-D, it was just a fascinating landscape to behold.
Everyone and their mother does a voice in this movie so it was super fun to try and figure out who was who. The plot itself was also quite funny and frankly pretty original which was a nice change of pace. I was quite surprised at how much of a starring role Will Ferrell has because, at least to me, it didn't seem overly publicized. I really don't have a bad thing to say about it other than the humor may have been directed a little more to the parents than the kiddos but Casey was totally amused by the movie. Of course, Will Arnett's Batman stole the show. I'm really digging family movies lately and this one totally fit the bill. 

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