Monday Catch-Up

No, I haven't popped
Maternity leave began
Blog got neglected
Housework getting done
Nesting is in full effect
Not really resting
Rooms got rearranged
Tiny clothing has been washed
I guess I'm ready
And now for weekend pics:
 Casey's new big boy bed and super hero room. He has slept the entire night in there since it was delivered on Saturday, it's the "getting him to sleep" in there that's the challenge.
 The crib is up. The changing table matches. Those hearts border the room. Girl baby's room is really girly. There's a hot pink feather boa over her window. Go hard or go home.
 Here's a kind of silly picture I edited the hell out of to put on Instagram. Casey is working on his Leapfrog and using my belly as an elbow rest. That's a big, stretch-mark covered bump, y'all.
 Casey's grandparents retire this summer so I tried to get a picture of him holding a sign like those goofy Facebook people do. This would have been the good one to post but I accidentally thought I deleted it. Instead, we got the nose-picker posted.
And finally, my "going on leave" cookie cake. It's the size of a large pizza. Jangles brought it over on Friday and it's already half gone. Note the belly down below. Hahaha

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Coodence said...

i love his room!! so nice dude. the pic makes way more sense here than on instagram. i am not very smart.