39 Down, 1 To Go

This photo was snapped of me unknowingly as we waddled the aisles of Costco yesterday. The things you do on maternity leave. I love the big round ball plush animals. I want all of them. Maybe it's because they resemble this tummy that now houses a mini-watermelon? My weight this morning after a bowl of Froot Loops and a cup of coffee was 222.6. She's supposedly about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds.
We had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon but he got held up in surgery so it got rescheduled for Thursday morning. I suppose I will have him check to see if anything's going on down there but I've yet to see a mucus plug or a bloody show or feel anything close to resembling my water breaking. I'm more uncomfortable, totally exhausted all the time and just all around ready to give birth. Christa's clothes are washed and ready. Her room is prepared. Now that everything is done, it feels like a waiting game whereas last week when I had nothing done I was convinced she was coming early. And since I'm keeping it real, here's my "First update on maternity leave" photo:

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Erin Aylsworth said...

Ryan is a master of getting photos of my worst sides. I had no idea I had so many! You look fabulously happy...hang in there and keep blogging until ZERO hour. Your inquiring fans want to know.