38 Down, 2 To Go!

On Monday night, Husband & I took the maternity ward tour at St. John's Hospital. We really only needed to know where the heck L&D was and where we needed to check in but instead we got lots of information over the course of 90 minutes (mostly "breastfeeding" and "skin-to-skin" on repeat). The other couples had at least a month or two to go until their due date so I got singled out for waiting until the last minute. When the leader of the tour found out I had two weeks to go until my due date, she declared I'd never make it, then proceeded to tell the nurses at the L&D station that "This lady here has two weeks until her due date but she'll never make it that long." Thank you, stranger, for turning me into a sideshow.
Still not much of a weight gain. Yesterday I went to see the OBGYN after a gigantic lunch of breads, meats and cheeses and their scale said 224 with me fully clothed and rockin' my Uggs. My mom came with me because she doesn't think I should be driving around by myself with only two weeks to go until I pop. She got to hear the heartbeat and tell the nurses that I'm grumpy. My OBGYN said he still thinks I have two weeks to go despite the lady's commentary the night before. He may be contractually obligated to never use the word "early" when speaking to very pregnant women that want their babies out of them. Has to cover his ass, I imagine. I told him there's a lot of pressure down there and he said it's because I'm getting bigger. Yes, indeed.
According to babycenter, she weighs about 6.8 pounds and she is over 19-1/2 inches long - the size of a leek. I'm definitely in the nesting phase - I've done at least a dozen loads of laundry this week. Husband is getting the crib down on Friday and I can't wait to set up her room. I've cut back to half days this week and my maternity leave starts on Monday. I have my taxes next Monday and the carpets cleaned next Tuesday so if she could go ahead and wait until after those things are done to come, I'd be very happy. Ha!


Coodence said...

Ha! She's gonna be a nice sized baby. Cant wait to meet her. After Tuesday.

Lurker Girl said...

No posts???? Can we possibly think that baby has arrived??? Very excited for you!!