Goodbye Feb Haiku Friday

My uncle's birthday
Glad he's here to celebrate
Not in Germany
Casey loves those guys
Called them "The Papas" last night
I thought that was nice
Introduced Christa
Family gathering tonight
Watch us as we grow


Christa Tuesday - Week 1

"Tuesday's child is full of grace" applies for both my babies it seems. We got home from the hospital on Thursday at noon and it's been a pretty smooth transition so far. Betty is on duty watching her and protecting her. Casey wants to hold her toes constantly and will remove her socks just to see her "tiny toadies." He's trying to be a good helper with diapers and putting her clothes in her hamper and things like that. She's a good sleeper and hardly cries, mostly just will let out a tiny "Ah!" when she's hungry. She grunts more than anything. At night she wakes in 2.5 hour intervals and seems to be a good pee'er and pooper with a hearty appetite.
We've been doing very well in the breast feeding department. She latched on right after she was born and has done well ever since. The day after she was born she didn't eat for almost the whole day but had a steady soiled diaper and seemed to be spitting up amniotic fluid so there was little concern. On the 21st we took her for her first pediatrician visit and she was down to 7 lbs 14 oz from 8 lbs 5 oz and the doctor was quite impressed with her only having a slight weight loss. She's 48% in weight and 87% in height right now. We go back tomorrow for another weigh in. I call her the boobie badger because of the faces she makes when she goes to eat. I call her Stink most other times because she just has a look on her face at all times like she disapproves - I think it's the down-turned corners of her mouth, just like Grandma Friday's.
As for me, I'm down to 199 lbs as of this morning. I'm feeling pretty good considering it's been a week since she was born without an epidural. And yes, I will continue to bring that up for a while. Here's my birth story:
On Monday night at midnight Casey was coughing so hard I called his pediatrician and she recommended the ER. He fell asleep shortly thereafter so we didn't go but no one really slept. Tuesday at 9am I had an appointment with the OBGYN and was still at 1cm just like Thursday. He stimulated my cervix/plucked my membrane - whatever you want to call it - and I was on my way with a plan to go back at 2pm to see if anything was happening. Husband dropped me off at home and took Casey to the pediatrician at 10am who then sent Casey for chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia. Goodness.
I was at home and having contractions half an hour after they left. Husband came home in time to have some lunch and we were back at the doctor at 2pm. Doc said I "looked different, like I was working" and determined I was at 3cm. He sent me to the hospital so I could get checked in and get my epidural going. A friend of mine is the head nurse at the L&D part of the hospital and she was helping me check in at about 2:30pm but there were seven other babies born that morning and there were no rooms! Just like Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. Ha!
I spent about an hour in the hallway, laboring in a wheel chair and laughing with Husband about it until they got us into the delivery room. My contractions were rapid and strong and I requested the epidural a lot of times but was told I needed to wait on blood lab work. The hell? Contractions were coming so fast I had to get a shot to slow them down so they wouldn't hurt Christa. Next thing I know I'm being told the doctor would be there in 10 minutes because I would be having the baby (without an epidural). Never in my life have I known pain like that. It was like I was making up for not feeling a thing with Casey.
Know what I don't know how to do? Push a baby out. They kept saying to imagine I was pooping but I don't poop with my kneecaps near my earlobes. Sorry! I was sort of reprimanded for not keeping the air in my lungs as I pushed but I kind of needed to expel the air to scream and curse lest I die. I don't think I pushed for more than 15 minutes, maybe about 6 strong pushes. I told Husband I felt like I was pooping and he said I did. Twice. And then she was born. And the pain subsided. Doc never had a chance to put on the surgery greens she came so fast.
I sure do like this little lady.


It's a Girl Haiku Friday

Christa Allyn Friday
Born 2/18/14 - 4:31 pm
8 lbs 5 oz - 20.5"
The girl has arrived
She came faster than I could
Get epidural'd
She came with purpose
I have never felt such pain
But what a reward
Our family's complete
Husband, Casey, Me and Her
Feeling really blessed


Weekend Pics and Tuesday Thoughts

 Here's Casey's very first homemade project from school. That bug foot impostor can be laid to rest. I love those little hands.
 This is my belly. I look at it a lot. I would like it to go away.
 Casey wanted a picture with Mama so Mama made it happen. Love this guy.
Yup. Yesterday. I want it gone.

Casey was sick with a cough and never-ending snot the entire three-day weekend so we finally took him to the doctor this morning. He had a temperature of 103.4. They ruled out the flu and strep but sent him for chest x-rays. It may be pneumonia. He has a rash on his chest that may mean it's viral. They said there's this weird virus going around and if he has that we have to be separated. That sounds terrible to me.
This morning I also went to see my OBGYN. I was not dilated any further than I was on Thursday. He used his finger to get things moving. I'm supposed to go back at 2 for a follow up to see if any progress is being made. I don't know that he'll induce necessarily. I'm definitely having contractions. Shit hurts.
And finally I guess I should mention that today is the three-month "anniversary" of my dad's passing. I'm in a foul mood. I miss him and Casey's been talking about him a lot. My mom and I are both holding strongly to our belief that he wants Christa born today so we don't forget about him. Sounds silly maybe but it doesn't make it less true for me. It's hard to put on a happy face with this and a sick son and being so goddamn close to giving birth. I'm not going to lie.


Valentine's Haiku Friday

Happy Valentine's 
I'm spending mine with Husband
Waiting for Christa
1 centimeter
I'm dilated already. 
Random contractions
Casey's off to school
Hands full with cards and candy
He gets to party


39 Down, 1 To Go

This photo was snapped of me unknowingly as we waddled the aisles of Costco yesterday. The things you do on maternity leave. I love the big round ball plush animals. I want all of them. Maybe it's because they resemble this tummy that now houses a mini-watermelon? My weight this morning after a bowl of Froot Loops and a cup of coffee was 222.6. She's supposedly about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds.
We had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon but he got held up in surgery so it got rescheduled for Thursday morning. I suppose I will have him check to see if anything's going on down there but I've yet to see a mucus plug or a bloody show or feel anything close to resembling my water breaking. I'm more uncomfortable, totally exhausted all the time and just all around ready to give birth. Christa's clothes are washed and ready. Her room is prepared. Now that everything is done, it feels like a waiting game whereas last week when I had nothing done I was convinced she was coming early. And since I'm keeping it real, here's my "First update on maternity leave" photo:


Movie Review

I was so preoccupied with playing catch-up yesterday that I forgot to do my movie review. We went and saw the first showing of The Lego Movie on Saturday - opening weekend, no less! We'd been seeing previews for this silly thing for as far back as I can remember so we were all pretty pumped about it. Plus, it's been kind of a Lego year for us what with the "marathon" we just participated in and Casey's new-found interest in the actual building block toy. I'm also super nostalgic for Legos because when my brother and I were kids that's pretty much all we played with together.
Basically, this movie is about Emmet who is a construction worker in a perfectly perfect Lego town. Even though he's pretty ordinary, he stumbles upon something that makes him the key to saving the universe from the evil Lord Business. He's guided along on his adventure by a punk-rock chick named Wyldstyle (who also happens to be dating Batman) and a wise old Wizard. Along the way we see different Lego towns and meet all kinds of interesting and different "master builders." If you're not blown away by the special effects then you are a more jaded man than I. Even without 3-D, it was just a fascinating landscape to behold.
Everyone and their mother does a voice in this movie so it was super fun to try and figure out who was who. The plot itself was also quite funny and frankly pretty original which was a nice change of pace. I was quite surprised at how much of a starring role Will Ferrell has because, at least to me, it didn't seem overly publicized. I really don't have a bad thing to say about it other than the humor may have been directed a little more to the parents than the kiddos but Casey was totally amused by the movie. Of course, Will Arnett's Batman stole the show. I'm really digging family movies lately and this one totally fit the bill. 


Monday Catch-Up

No, I haven't popped
Maternity leave began
Blog got neglected
Housework getting done
Nesting is in full effect
Not really resting
Rooms got rearranged
Tiny clothing has been washed
I guess I'm ready
And now for weekend pics:
 Casey's new big boy bed and super hero room. He has slept the entire night in there since it was delivered on Saturday, it's the "getting him to sleep" in there that's the challenge.
 The crib is up. The changing table matches. Those hearts border the room. Girl baby's room is really girly. There's a hot pink feather boa over her window. Go hard or go home.
 Here's a kind of silly picture I edited the hell out of to put on Instagram. Casey is working on his Leapfrog and using my belly as an elbow rest. That's a big, stretch-mark covered bump, y'all.
 Casey's grandparents retire this summer so I tried to get a picture of him holding a sign like those goofy Facebook people do. This would have been the good one to post but I accidentally thought I deleted it. Instead, we got the nose-picker posted.
And finally, my "going on leave" cookie cake. It's the size of a large pizza. Jangles brought it over on Friday and it's already half gone. Note the belly down below. Hahaha


38 Down, 2 To Go!

On Monday night, Husband & I took the maternity ward tour at St. John's Hospital. We really only needed to know where the heck L&D was and where we needed to check in but instead we got lots of information over the course of 90 minutes (mostly "breastfeeding" and "skin-to-skin" on repeat). The other couples had at least a month or two to go until their due date so I got singled out for waiting until the last minute. When the leader of the tour found out I had two weeks to go until my due date, she declared I'd never make it, then proceeded to tell the nurses at the L&D station that "This lady here has two weeks until her due date but she'll never make it that long." Thank you, stranger, for turning me into a sideshow.
Still not much of a weight gain. Yesterday I went to see the OBGYN after a gigantic lunch of breads, meats and cheeses and their scale said 224 with me fully clothed and rockin' my Uggs. My mom came with me because she doesn't think I should be driving around by myself with only two weeks to go until I pop. She got to hear the heartbeat and tell the nurses that I'm grumpy. My OBGYN said he still thinks I have two weeks to go despite the lady's commentary the night before. He may be contractually obligated to never use the word "early" when speaking to very pregnant women that want their babies out of them. Has to cover his ass, I imagine. I told him there's a lot of pressure down there and he said it's because I'm getting bigger. Yes, indeed.
According to babycenter, she weighs about 6.8 pounds and she is over 19-1/2 inches long - the size of a leek. I'm definitely in the nesting phase - I've done at least a dozen loads of laundry this week. Husband is getting the crib down on Friday and I can't wait to set up her room. I've cut back to half days this week and my maternity leave starts on Monday. I have my taxes next Monday and the carpets cleaned next Tuesday so if she could go ahead and wait until after those things are done to come, I'd be very happy. Ha!