Weekend Pics

On Saturday night we had a lovely dinner with BFF and her family as well as the Amezquitas. Antipasto, Husband's sausage pastry app, Italian wedding soup and a delicious salad followed by a pecan pie made for a very full Randi! Four kids and six adults loving each other under the same rooftop. It was a super fun time, I just can't wait for "Sharing" to replace "Crying" as a thing. Or for me to be able to drink heavily to drown it out. One of those.
On Sunday I had asked Casey to go outside to give his daddy a kiss before we went down for a nap. He disappeared to instead throw on my Ugg boots. He thought this was the funniest thing he has ever done.
 Husband likes to lie on my big fat pregnant tummy to hum to Miss Christa in the hopes it will calm her from trying to kick out of my body. We were having our nice moment when Casey decided to climb on the family mountain for a cuddle puddle. Here's the best picture ever taken.
And then there's this. I believe it is my son's footprint in the form of a lady bug. HOWEVER, there appears to be another Casey at his school so I'm not entirely certain. That does not stop this from being one of the cutest damn things I have ever seen.
Mother's Confession Update: That is not my son's footprint. LOL

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