Weekend Pics - Baby Shower Edition

 We had a wee pink jungle theme. My SIL made me this wee diaper cake. Wee is the keyword. As is cute. My Lord was it ever.
 This was the "after-party" where the stragglers sat and killed wine and gossiped like good little hens do. Loved it. Almost as much as I loved the tiny cupcakes.
 BFF made me do this. She threw the shower so I complied. With duckface.
 Here's my SIL and her twin-mom
 Here's me and my mommy
This is me and my girls. I sure love these ladies. Lots of other ladies attended but these were the most important guests in my humble opinion. The makers of shit happening and what have you. I can always count on them. /sap
SPOILED BABY! I need to kick up my fashion game because she is going to shame her mama.

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