Stolen From BFF

  • Casey was stoked to go to school and to see me upon pickup. These two things bring me lots of happiness.
  • After work we had dinner at my mom's house and that's a win win for everyone. I get to sit and be fed and don't have to lift a finger. Someone else has to feed Casey. Casey gets to play with new toys. Gaga gets her Casey fix. BOOM
  • I got a phone call from Tony at the Chinese restaurant. He called to see if I'd had the baby yet. Nope. He then asked to come over which was totally random but he just wanted to drop off presents for the girl baby. She now has more onesies and a cute little princess-y blanket covered in crowns that is accompanied by a wee ballerina doll. Princesses and ballerinas, folks. Yup.
  • Today, for me, is the best day. Today is the last day Husband will ever work in San Diego again although I'm not entirely certain his work knows that. He's going to come home tonight and we'll sleep in the same house more often than not. He'll be home to help me with our children and the world will be right. I'll never have another sleepless night/morning fretting about his stupid commute. He'll never have to crash with another co-worker turned "roommate." Glory be. 
  • It's my nephew Josef's birthday. I just thought I'd mention that in case BFF would like to make the connection that she calls me Joseph.
  • Will be Friday. I have no plans this weekend other than to tend to a recovering Husband and attend my Sprinkle on Sunday. This is a lovely thing.

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libelletage.com said...

That's great about your husband!! Excited for you!