• My Gran broke her hip. We're not sure if it was when she fell a couple weeks ago or when she fell this morning. Either way, it's broken. She'll be in the hospital, then have surgery and then go to a convalescent home. The last time she broke her hip - the other one - it was the beginning of the end of her sanity. Not sure what happens now.
  • I've decided to take my maternity leave starting the 10th of February. I did the math and that puts me back at work on Monday, May 12th aka my 37th birthday. Nice.
  • We hired a new guy back in December to be my replacement and he's not exactly catching on super quick so I'm nervous. He's a bit younger than me and has got sort of long curly hair, drives a VW bus, worked for a hydroponics place... I guess you could say he seems like a bit of a stoner. He came in yesterday with a giant forearm tattoo of a VW logo that my boss thought was a swastika. The whole thing seems silly. Who gets a giant forearm tattoo at their new workplace where they're kind of sort of a temp? I guess I just don't get it.   
  • So that picture I put up of the two pregnants yesterday? I figured out I weighed about 240 lbs when Casey was born so that's TWENTY pounds more than I weigh now. Glad my eyes are not porcine like back in 2010. Goodness.  
  • Here's a fun "small town" story. My in-laws live in a village, population less than 1,000 people. I called the local florist there and said I'd like to order flowers for my MIL and told the lady her name. She said "Do you want that delivered to the school or Treasurer Road?" Just by her name she knew where she lived and worked. Is that not insane? I love that story! I told Husband about it and I guess that florist grew up down the road and his brother dated her sister. Good stuff.


Lurker Girl said...

Getting very excited for you as your pregnancy winds down--cannot wait to see pics of your darling girl

I love the small town life--does take time to get used to. We have a small in-town bar that delivers food too--you just have to say who you are--and they know right where to bring the food (we are less than 1000 people too--I doubt 800 total people). We have a gas station--with ONE pump--and one time I forgot my debit card--AFTER I filled up. I went into explain (and being from a city, I expected them to syphon it out), but they said--now worries, just run us back up the money when you can. SAY WHAT???? AAh country life!

libelletage.com said...

Wow, it's coming up fast now! I think living in communities where people know each other has a lot of value. Especially for raining families.

Hope everything goes smoothly over the next few weeks.