Movie Review Monday

The last time Husband and I saw a grown-up movie in the theater was early October. I think I need to be very careful with what we go see if this sort of infrequency continues. Unfortunately (and dammit does it pain me to say this), I chose for us to see Anchorman 2 despite the plethora of soon to be award-winning movies at our disposal. You see, the first film is basically one of my favorite movies of all time. Will Ferrell is quite possibly one of the greatest loves of my life. I didn't think there was any way for this to go poorly but I was wrong.
I will say that I laughed my ass off at the previews for 22 Jump Street and Neighbors. Perhaps after that I was simply too spent to offer up laughs for the movie itself. It was a warm fuzzy to see familiar faces again but some of that unforced magic was just missing. Yes I giggled a few times but nothing like the hearty guffaws I got while watching the original. There were a few flashback jokes but it just wasn't enough for me. This movie also seemed to have a bit of a message, as it were, to not trust the news that was sort of reiterated multiple times and really seemed to bother Husband because afterward he brought it up more than once.
I found myself glad we only paid for a $5 matinee and then found myself feeling quite guilty that I didn't deeply love a movie that my beloved Will Ferrell made for me. Perhaps my expectations were simply too high. Either way, I found Anchorman 2 to be quite forgettable and maybe it's just better that way. Excuse me while I go weep.


Andrea King said...
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Coodence said...

sorry, joseph.

considering anchorman 2 a "grown up movie" might be a bit of a stretch, but I know what you mean.

Lurker Girl said...

I don't always get Will--so I won't pay to see him in the theater...but I did see Wolf of Wall Street this weekend..Great movie...Dear Lord was there debauchery and language..but a great movie!