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I've tried to keep this from being a mommy blog but it seems all I do is blog about pregnancies and miscarriages so why deny it any longer? Today's topic is daycare. Ever since Casey was 3 months old he has been going to Maria's. For three years we have had the very same routine and he has been with the very same lady with only my niece to compete with as far as getting attention goes. Maria fed and bathed him and taught him how to use the potty and I'm pretty sure most of what Casey knows and says and does should be accredited to her influence. He called her MommyMia and she deserved it.
Since it is a new year and I will soon be the mother of two, I thought it was time for Casey to start attending a preschool daycare. Since he and my niece fight like siblings, I thought it would be good for him to be around children he was not related to while also giving Maria some one-on-one time with Lici until Christa starts going to Maria's mid-May. I also thought the structure of school would appeal to Casey's need for routine and was excited about him learning his numbers and colors and all that jazz. My main concern was that Casey is not the best eater when it comes to meals. He's a bit of a grazer and really mainly only ever eats a few food items: pizza, grilled cheese or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches or chicken nuggets. I'm not proud of this but it is what it is.
On Monday, Casey didn't even flinch when I dropped him off at his new "school." He ditched me at the door, sat right next to the teacher and just dove right in. I left the daycare in tears but happy that it was so easy even though the lady told me he'd have a rougher time as the week went on. Cut to this morning and Casey was bawling his fool head off because he not only wanted me to stay there with him but he also really wanted to go to the Dog Store (aka Target). Boy was I upset, especially when the teacher told me "It's usually easier for them if you just drop them off and leave quickly." Yeah, that's my intention but unfortunately I have things to drop off in the cubby that require me to enter the classroom. Sigh.
We paid the $50/month food plan option but it seems that he simply doesn't want to eat their food even though according to their meal calendar, it's mostly the stuff he eats at home, stubborn kid. I have been packing him a backup lunch of PB&J and Ritz cheese crackers with a juice and he sort of picks at that so at least I know he's eating something. I also make sure to get a bowl of cereal in him before we leave the house in the morning which is something we've never done before. All in all, it's been an adjustment that has not been very easy for either of us as we are both huge creatures of habit who don't really respond well to change.  
A couple of shnippets:
  • I know it's preschool but damn were there a lot of typos in the stuff they sent home.
  • Casey started off with a cold and I truly appreciate how diligent Maria must have been because every day this kid has come home with snot sleeves and snot crust on his face.
  • The first day upon pickup, Casey exclaimed "I had a good time!" so I know it's not terrible. The classrooms are very clean and the kids seem very nice as do all the teachers.
  • HOWEVER - the teachers' voices are crazy loud and shrieky and kind of freak me out when they talk to me upon pickup/drop off. Mama is not used to preschool talk.
  • He has a ladybug made out of his footprint on the wall in the hallway at school and it's so cute and makes me so happy and I can't wait til it comes home with us.
  • Casey has homework. He's 3. This is insane. Getting him to color in the lines and practice letters at home is pretty comical but we'll give it the ol' college try.

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Destiny said...

The reflections made me laugh. Seems young for homework, but maybe it'll be a good thing.