Mini Vacay Recap

I guess this past weekend away was somewhat of a babymoon so I should jot some things down about it. On Friday, we left Oxnard at about 1pm and headed south to Carlsbad. We arrived at our hotel, the Carlsbad By The Sea Resort at about 4:30pm. We chose this hotel because it is extremely close to Legoland and that was our primary weekend destination. It was very clean and comfortable and even offered free breakfast so that was a really nice bonus. I booked our reservations online through hotels.com and got the very reasonable rate of $125/night for a room with two queen beds, a microwave and a refrigerator which I consider "must haves" when you are traveling with a three year old. It was a three-day holiday weekend so I'm sure they could have totally ripped us off rate-wise but I don't feel they did.
That night we had dinner with my dad's cousin and her family which was very nice. Restaurant dining is not all that fun with Casey so to avoid that struggle was much appreciated. The next morning we had breakfast at the resort and headed out bright and early to the Kids Marathon Mile at Legoland. Getting into this event traffic and parking wise was a damn disaster but the actual event was very nice. BFF's sister had participated in the past so we all went down and did it together. We got super cute marathon shirts and the kids got medals for finishing the mile through the park that was done prior to the opening of the park. They had snacks and entertainment in the parking lot before and after the walk. We also got discounted adult admission to the parks as well as free admission for the kids (the park-hopper included Sea Life Aquarium) which we totally took advantage of.
Legoland was fun but I'm sure glad we got discounted tickets because I don't think it would have been worth the price of admission had we had to pay full price. I think maybe Casey may have been about a year too young for most of the park but he certainly enjoyed himself there. The rides were a little bit inconsistent with their riding requirements and that bothered Husband. I thought there would be a little more hands-on activity so it was a little different than I expected. That said, there were several play areas for the littles that they loved so a good time was definitely had.
After a couple hours at Legoland we went to a lovely spot for lunch with BFF's family called Pizza Port in Carlsbad. The pies were delicious and there was a whole lot of beer drinking to be had. Luckily we found a couple picnic tables outside and the weather was gorgeous so the kids could run around while we visited. Inside the actual restaurant was jam-packed! After that we went back to the hotel to nap like we were getting paid for it. Later that night we had dinner with Husband's friends that he lived with for a bit and their two kids. Casey was definitely in love with the older kids he got to play with both nights we were in town and I was in love with not having to really pay much attention to him.
On Sunday, we had breakfast at the hotel again and it just could not have worked out better. We headed over to hit up the Sea Life Aquarium but we arrived a good half hour too soon so we decided to sneak into the lobby of the Legoland Hotel to take a look around. I had wanted to stay there but the rooms were like $350/night! No way! That being said? The lobby RULED. So many Legos to play with and see! A pirate ship and a castle! Casey was in heaven and it was the perfect way to kill some time.
We were the first ones into the aquarium and boy did we have a good time because we basically had the whole place to ourselves. We covered the entire thing in about 45 minutes because Casey was excitedly running around and forcing me to follow him with the quickness saying "You are NOT taking a break, Mama!" There were lots of things that allowed hands-on experience, lots of Legos incorporated in the displays and the aquariums were just gorgeous. It was so much fun and I think better than Legoland. I'm really glad we got a chance to go but since we covered it so quickly, we were able to go back to Legoland for another hour to mosey more slowly around the miniature display and have an ice cream cone before we hit the road. I'm grateful Legoland's park-hopper tickets were for more than just a day and that we got to leisurely go between parks since they are super close to one another. This may have been a little different from a larger park like say Disneyland which is where I'd probably be more inclined to return to as far as theme parks go.
Pictures of our super fun weekend can be seen here.

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