34 Down, 6 To Go

I rang in the new year with a terrible stomach flu so I wasn't overly surprised to see my weight at 219.2 this morning. According to babycenter, the baby weighs about 4-3/4 pounds and she's about 18" long - the size of a cantaloupe. Apparently, if I were to pop today, this baby would likely be A-okay which is both comforting and terrifying. I've noticed this past week that there is not enough water in the world to quench my thirst and that I'm up a lot more often in the night to go pee. My appetite has not increased or decreased much at all over the course of this entire pregnancy save for the time I was struggling with morning sickness.
Over the weekend we took Casey to the Santa Barbara Zoo and did a lot of walking. Toward the end of our visit, I was headed solo to the restroom when I heard a woman audibly gasp. Since I was minding my own business, it took me a second to look up and realize she was gasping at me. I smiled and she said sadly "How much longer?" and I told her a little over a month and she simply sighed "Good luck." It was both comedic and also kind of made me feel like shit. I'm pretty big I guess but I don't necessarily want to inspire sadness or terror in people as I walk past them. Weekend after next we're doing this little Legoland "Marathon" where we'll walk a mile through the park and I hope I don't upset people by participating. A girlfriend of mine is hopeful I give birth there and that Legoland will be inspired to give me a lifelong pass and/or a crib made of Legos. Here's to hoping.


Sassy said...

You look great!
A lego crib would totally be awesome.

Nancy said...

You look freaking awesome!!!!!

Coodence said...

you look great joseph! must be all that ballet!

libelletage said...

You look great! Also, one month? So exciting. How long will you take of work?