Post-Christmas Wrap-Up

  • Yesterday I hit 32 weeks pregnant so only 8 weeks left! That shot of me in the sundress on Christmas with my sister Christine and our sons will represent the bump. Hehe. Sundress. On Christmas. Yeah, it was hot. Fetus is jicama-sized, about 3-3/4 lbs. and 16.7". She got lots of wee outfits from her Gaga yesterday. I guess I need to start shopping for her. Seems like a big reality check.
  • Christmas Eve, Husband made shepherds pie and we hosted my Gran and my mother for dinner. I had to work half the day so that was kind of crappy but oh well. It was very strange not having my dad with us but that goes without saying. Casey got to open one present as is tradition in our house. We put cookies and milk out for Santa and it was kind of a big deal.
  • Christmas morning Casey totally made note of the fact that Santa ate the cookies and saw his extra presents and was thrilled to open all of them. I wrapped them all in the same paper so he'd know just what Santa brought. It was really cute. Then we went to my brother's for breakfast and family gift opening. Unfortunately, the kids can only really play for about an hour before fights and crying happen. Hooray for Christmas meltdowns.
  • Christmas afternoon was spent skyping with the Michigan grandparents then napping. We visited Christine's family for a moment before we headed to my mom's for dinner. Gran, rapidly slipping into dementia, ruined most of our holiday with her complaining and "I just ate a piece of shit" face. The kids were burnt out. I think the adults were, too. At one point, my brother was sitting at the head of the table where my dad used to sit and he called me "babe" which is what my dad used to call me and it was simultaneously awesome and sad. 
  • I realized more than ever this year that Christmas really is about the children. For Husband & I both, we were more excited by the build up of it all: the decorations, the reindeer visit, the music, the lights, Santa visits, etc. The actual day was anticlimactic and kind of ... disappointing? And now it's done. We were very fortunate with the generous gifts we received and the time we spent with family, though. That shouldn't be underestimated.

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Coodence said...

outstanding pic dude. for so many reasons. xxo

also, of course you already have your lights down.