My Crown Story

Recently I had some tooth pain that led to a root canal that was about four hours of drilling total. Two weeks after that, I got to go in for a crown. That was yesterday. They start by drilling your tooth down to a wee nubbin and then take a bunch of pictures around your tooth. Then they have you bite down to determine your bite ridges. Behold! Glorious photos of the process!
My nubbin. Please don't envy that gorgeous face.
 All those pictures create a 3-D image of my tooth. That image is sent to the back to a machine.
 That machine changes a cube of purple porcelain into the crown by using high pressure water jets. Crazy right?
 Boom! The purple tooth. The dentist then drilled that bad boy to fit over my nubbin. Once he determined it was the right fit, he put enamel over it and baked it into the faux white tooth I'm rocking now. Entire process? About 2.5 hours. Neat.


Andrea said...

I'm so happy you photo blogged your pimp tooth!

destinyeldred said...

Andrea's comment is hilarious! I've been through this process. When I had dental work while prego, I got a tingly-heart-feeling like I was going to pass out.