Movie Review

I mentioned last night that Husband and I went Christmas shopping on Friday night for the kiddos. Casey stayed with his Gaga so we could buy toys and fun things for him and my niece and nephew. Toys R Us? Horrifying. Target at the mall on a Friday night? Teenagers everywhere. Thank goodness we got to decompress afterward and have a nice cozy dinner at Marie Callender's all by our lonesome. Yup, that's right. I had quiche. We're elderly.
Anyhoo, Husband is big on holiday movies and Rise of the Guardians on sale at Target so we grabbed it. Husband and Casey were going to have a boy's night on Saturday while I attended the ornament exchange party so I think he just wanted something new and fun for the two of them to watch. We didn't get a chance to see this one in the theater so we were taking a chance just throwing money in the wind and hoping it sticks. Bonus was it came with a wind up toy elf. Because if there's one thing that Casey doesn't have enough of, it's toys.
Turns out this movie was pretty dope. The story is about the guardians of children: Santa, Easter Bunny, Sandman and Tooth Fairy. They're coming up to battle against the Boogie Man so they need a new recruit who just so happens to be Jack Frost. Jack isn't exactly heroic and is kind of a trouble maker so we have to go on his journey with him to find his "center" and realize how he is guardian worthy. Santa and the Easter Bunny are yoked and tattooed, tough guy warriors. It's a very boy movie. Casey has watched it twice a day since Saturday so I think he's sold. I really liked it. In case you're looking for something new to watch during the holidays, I'd go ahead and say you're safe with this one.

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