In Memory of My Dad

Our local paper ran this wee blurb today and it sure touched my heart:

Doug M. donated to Bellringer this year in memory of his friend Douglas B., who had a story and good joke to tell at every occasion.The Ventura man met Douglas B. when they were in Kiwanis together about 30 years ago. The two often played poker at the Player’s Casino in Ventura. Douglas B., 66, was a lifelong Dodger fan and owner and salesman at QPS in Oxnard. He loved his vendors and customers and never drew attention to himself, especially when he came down with Parkinson’s disease, Doug M. said. Despite his health issues, Douglas B. was considerate to everyone and strove to bring happiness to those around him, Doug M. said. “There’s not too many people in the world like him. He always had a positive attitude,” Doug M. said.

In memory of Doug B. It is very rare to meet a man who is always happy, considerate, nice and ready to share a joke and smile with everyone. Doug B. was that man. Even when he battled Parkinson’s disease, he kept it to himself while always striving to bring happiness to the people around him. He was a wonderful man and will be deeply missed. Doug M.: $100.

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