I should have posted this on Monday but I actually have been quite busy training my maternity leave replacement so the blog is affected. Go figure. We finally got around to taking Casey to see Frozen on Sunday morning and boy am I glad we did. I cannot believe it has been two months since we've been to the theater. Unheard of.
Let me just state for the record that I went into this viewing as a pretty emotionally unstable train-wreck. The movie immediately dives into some pretty heavy themes of sibling-hood and losing one's parents so I was crying within minutes. Then we got to add to that the undeniably powerful voice of Idina Menzel (of Wicked fame) which any other time would have me welling up. Boom. Two for two. Also? There was a commercial for St. Judes right before the movie started and kids with cancer will get you any time. Jesus Christ.
Frozen is an absolutely beautiful movie. It made me wish I was able to sit through 3-D because the effects they used to make everything freeze over must have been a spectacular sight to see in three dimensions. The music is so good. The characters are likeable and fun. The story is great. The backdrops are gorgeous. I have zero complaints, honestly. Casey was kind of getting frustrated that it took so long for Olaf the snowman to show up but other than that, he was sold from start to finish. From a grown male standpoint, Husband said this movie was "pretty girly" but he laughed aloud on several occasions. A fantastic movie for the whole family, princess or otherwise.

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i want to take buddy to see it.