Christmas Photo Extravaganza

 Took Casey to see Santa last night. He sat down and melted into Santa's chest. 
It was sheer perfection.
 This is just a tree outside Santa's little shack. Family. Sigh. 
Had to interrupt a make-out sesh to ask for someone to snap this.
Here's the boy under a giant candy cane. He wanted to eat it.
 Here's a picture of me from the ornament party. I brought this ornament. And left with it.
 This is what the Santa Float brigade looks like as it's driving down the street escorted by the OPD and a firetruck and city personnel.
 There's my son on Husband's shoulders. Taking it all in.
 This year they even made it snow with foamy soap. Casey wasn't a fan. I was.
Here's Casey whispering into the mic that Mrs. Claus is holding. 
Basically telling Santa he loves him. Of course.
And this is our pad all lit up. Goddamn I love this season.


Ang said...

i love the photo with him & santa....so precious.

Coodence said...

love these!!