30 Down, 10 to Go

This picture made me laugh. Look at that belly. Too much. I weighed in at 219.2 this morning. Still no gain. Baby is about 15" and 3 pounds, about the size of a large cabbage.
I went to see my OBGYN on Monday and he said everything looks like it's coming along just great. I asked him if my grief lately was screwing her up and he didn't think so but he'd be more than willing to refer me to someone if I needed professional help. I also told him about my root canal and he totally ok'd Vicodin which was very nice of him. Even wrote the prescription for it. When I told him I'd try not to take all 20 at once he told me I had good material. The root canal was completed yesterday and she sure was busy during it. I had my mouth open and she'd kick and it would force an involuntary gasp from me that the endodontist must have found highly amusing. Being pregnant kind of makes your mucus membranes swell up so breathing out of my nose while on my back was not an option. Talk about sexy.
Over the weekend I had kind of wondered aloud to Husband if it was normal that this baby kicked and moved so much. He turned to Google and it said that later-born children have a little more room and longer umbilical cords to play with. Who knew? She is also very much affected by anxiety - which I have plenty to spare - and stress that accompanies most pregnancies of working mothers so that causes her to be more active. And there you have it.

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Coodence said...

thank god for the google.