The One Where I Say Goodbye To Vehicular

Around age 22 I was driving my mom's old BMW 325. It was falling apart and I thought I'd be super cool and grown up and go out on my lonesome to lease a "new" Dodger Blue Beetle. It wasn't my most brilliant financial move but I drove that sucker for about four years and fell in love. When the lease was up, I couldn't imagine driving anything other than a bug so my dad and I headed to the dealership in October of 2003 and I bought a brand new Turbo S Beetle. It was a 6-speed stick shift and fast as hell. It had a spoiler that would pop up and down and leather interior and I was just in love. She was named Vehicular and I loved her.
I drove her all around Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. I took her to San Francisco on road trips. I moved with her back to Oxnard. She was with me through a few boyfriends and many girlfriends and lots of adventures. I drove her down to Husband's the first time I ever spent the night at his house when we were "dating." I schlepped a baby Casey to Maria's in her until Husband told me I needed a bigger car and we bought the Flex. After that, Husband used her to commute to and from San Diego even though he is big and she was tiny and it was a clown-car sort of silliness. She was just a huge part of my life for ten years.
Last night, we sold her to a man who lives on BFF's old street. He showed up in a black Jetta and I thought "this guy will love her." He was so happy to buy her and for a steal if I do say so myself. Vehicular needed some TLC. Some pieces of her were falling off or apart. She just needed more repairs than she was worth and she simply wouldn't be a realistic car for a soon to be family of four. This morning, for the first time in 14 years, there was not a Volkswagen Beetle parked outside of my house. I relinquished my ownership of her "VHICULR" plates. Now she's gone.
It seems so stupid to have this many feelings about a car but she was like an extension of me and I loved her. I bought her with my own money. I paid for every single one of her tires and repairs and oil changes and smog checks. I took care of her, you know? She was a huge responsibility and she cost a lot of money, just like a child. I bathed her and fed her and took her for checkups. She made me a responsible adult. I will never, ever forget her. Never ever. Good luck with your new owner, Vehicular. I think he'll love you like I did. I hope you make him as happy as you made me.  

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Coodence said...

Bye vehicular. I loved her, too!