Thanksgiving Thirty Thankfuls

  1. My mom, brother and extended family. Though we may be dysfunctional at times, the recent loss of my dad reminded me just how close we all are.
  2. My dad. For molding me into who I am. For the memories he left me. 
  3. My husband. I tease him a lot and complain about petty things but really he is my rock, a great provider and father and my best friend. I don't know sometimes who I'd be without him.
  4. My son. No matter how much I would love to crawl into a dark hole right now, his beautiful attitude forces me to smile and carry on. Plus he's really, really cute.
  5. My daughter. She might have been a surprise but now she's something I look forward to daily and she also has done tons to keep me grounded during these hard times.
  6. My in-laws and Michigan folks. Lovely people that never fail to impress me. I'm so lucky to have married into such a rad group of people that I love like I've known them my whole life.
  7. My friends. Each and every one of them, near or far, new or old. When things are at their worst, they sure can come out of the woodwork to shower me with love.
  8. My job. They've been so understanding with me being a working mom and then most recently with my dad. They pay my bills and I'm grateful to be employed.
  9. My house. To have a yard and a garage and only one close neighbor is truly awesome.
  10. My car. We recently sold Vehicular and I was sad but I inherited my dad's car and I'm so grateful. Plus the Flex has been treating us all right.
  11. My pets. Betty's a big dumb animal that loves to destroy but last night she proved she could be a worthy guard dog so I will keep her. The Bun just makes me happy though he's useless.
  12. Oxnard. I can't think of a better place to have grown up or to raise my family. Everywhere we go we know someone and the sense of community here is tremendous. Plus? Weather. 
  13. For the assisted living home where Gran lives now and Alicia who was her caretaker. They are taking good care of my Gran who needs more than what any of us can give her. I'm so glad places and people like them exist.
  14. For my health thanks to great insurance and access to good doctors.
  15. For the savings accounts we have and 401Ks. Man, that makes me feel like a grownup. Extra cash in our checking account? How'd that happen?
  16. For my college education. I'll be paying it off for another eleven years but at least I'm kind of bilingual! And for husband's GI Bill too for paying him to get his degrees. Amazing.
  17. For Disney movies. They bring my son and I so much joy and The Lion King has given me a tool to describe Papa's passing to Casey. Mufasa and the stars, man. Who knew?
  18. For my camera. I take pictures all the time and sometimes take them for granted but to have a treasure trove of memories at my fingertips thanks to tools like flickr really is beyond awesome.
  19. For my phone because texting is rad and so is being able to access the world wide web anywhere I am. I guess for phone calls too but those are pretty rare.
  20. For DVR otherwise I would never see shows I really like. Even now I'm super far behind but those shows will be there for my maternity leave.
  21. For this blog. It's been my diary and introduced me to Andrea and Husband and countless other awesome friends while keeping me in touch with other friends who don't live close by.
  22. For Words With Friends because I'm addicted. It's sure a good distraction and I am going to believe it's keeping me from early onset dementia to justify how much I play.
  23. For Facebook because even though I kind of hate it I have been able to use it to spread news quickly as well keep in touch with lots and lots of lovely people I've met in my life.
  24. For music. I love Pandora at work. CDs in the car. XM radio. All of it. I love music more than anything right now. Britney to dance and be silly to. Garth to cry to. 
  25. For Starbucks coffee. Boy do I love their lattes and their protein bistro boxes. I just can't say that enough.
  26. That I married a man who cooks because I just am not a cook but I love eating. For this reason I am also thankful for restaurants.
  27. For my nice, big, soft bed and all the naps I take because really I love nothing more than sleeping. Well, maybe eating.
  28. For beer. Damn, do I miss drinking beer. I love it and it is so tasty and I can't wait to be able to have it again. 
  29. For my cleaning lady and my gardener for saving me so much time and keeping my home looking very nice.
  30. For my Los Angeles Dodgers. So close to the World Series! Chavez Ravine! Dodger Dogs. A lifetime of memories. GO BLUE!


libelletage.com said...

Your son is totally cute. And I am glad he is a bright light in a sad time. Our kids can get us through things we never thought we could get through.

Also I feel your love for Starbucks. And friends. And meeting Internet peoples. I think about you guys regularly and hope your doing well.

Also. I kind of hate Facebook too.

Andrea King said...

Awww! I'm on the list. xo