Happy Birthday, Mom

I'm not sure when this photo of her was taken. It was found in a stack of old photos my Gran had in her hope chest. I assume Mom's in her late teens and just looking as stunning as can be. Some kids on facebook said I got some of her good looks and that's just such a nice thing to say. I see my features here when I look at this picture and I guess it really is true when they say we all turn into our parents.
My mom is quite possibly the strongest woman I know. She lost her first child and there is nothing more devastating than that but this last week has tried to come close with my dad being so close to dying. She could have just broken down but instead she has put on her brave face and stood guard by dad's side at almost every moment. Casey and I bought her a birthday card with The Avengers on the front that basically compared her to a superhero and I don't think any card could have been more appropriate than that one right now.
I won't mince words, there are times when this woman drives me as crazy as any person can. There are times she makes me want to scream when she has no patience for my Gran or my dad. She calls me more than she should and she's way too invested in my life. BUT, she's my best friend. She's the one who made me outspoken and independent. She has taught me tough life lessons and has been there for me when I have been at my lowest points. I'm proud to call this lady "Mom."

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Ang said...

beautiful words randi...got me really choked up....i'll keep praying for your dad & family....love you.