28 Down, 12 To Go

Baby is about 2-1/4 pounds and 14.8" or the size of an eggplant today. Start of the third trimester. Home stretch and what have you. Good times. I went for my glucose test yesterday so I'm just awaiting word on whether or not I have the diabeetus. I didn't have it with Casey so I'm not overly concerned. Weighed in yesterday at 219.8 so I'm still down a few from where I started but it looks like I could potentially gain about 11 pounds in the next few months.
This morning I put on and tied my sneakers and by the time I was through I was winded. I guess it might be time for slip-ons. I'll be leaning more toward Uggs this winter season whereas with Casey it was all flip-flops all the time. I keep thinking I should expand my maternity wardrobe but I doubt I will. I'm just stoked I haven't resorted to yoga pants every day. It's the little accomplishments.
My big fear right now is having a root canal on Monday because I am a pregnant sober person. My tooth hurts pretty bad right now so I can only imagine how it will feel once we all start digging around in there. Nice little punch in the pocket book right before Christmas, too, so that's awesome. Being pregnant and in mourning is exhausting. I wonder if I will ever stay up to see the double digits again. Just typing that is making me sleepy.

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