27 Down, 13 To Go

"Mama, what are you doing in my bathroom?" were the words spoken by Casey when this picture was being taken this morning. Gotta love that kid. This is the last week of my second trimester. Baby's about two pounds and 14.5" long. She's still very active and now people can actually see my belly moving rather than just hear me talk about it. Yesterday Husband laid his head on my belly and was chatting with her and she kicked him in the face. He had that coming.
I feel gigantic but I know I'm only going to get bigger. The nurses at the hospital had no shame in just coming up to hold my belly when they would talk to me about my dad and I thought that was just so sweet. I was glad this bump could bring smiles to other people. I had one of them tell me "I've never seen a woman in your condition move that fast" one day when I was hustling to see my dad. My big ol' belly has been a pain in the butt but a source of levity too so I can't complain.
When my dad took his last breaths, I held his hand upon my stomach in the hopes that he would transfer some of his perfection to her in his final moments. This little girl may never know her Papa but she will definitely know of him and she will feel the impact he had on her entire life without even meeting her. I'm so grateful to have her to look forward to when all hope feels lost. It's strange how history repeats itself: while my mother's first son was dying of cancer, she was pregnant with me and I was a way to help her not get lost in grief. The girls in this family carry great responsibility on their shoulders from the jump it seems.


Coodence said...

Dude! That was sad but I'm not going to cry right now.

You look EXACTLY like andrear in this picture.

Christine said...

Your kids will NEVER not know their Papa. Neither will my kids. Doug will always be a part of our lives, no matter what. xoxo

Gen said...

That was beautiful and I'm crying.
Most likely, this little princess inside you will be a spitfire with a sprinkle of her Papa.

Many besos