26 Down, 14 to Go

Another week, a new bathroom shot. I went to the OBGYN yesterday for a routine checkup. Everything looked good I guess because it was super quick. I'm at about 219.2 so still under from where I've started but totally gaining now. Next week I'll have to go in for a glucose test. Next checkup is in four weeks and I get to have a Rhogam shot. Husband is O positive and I'm O negative so we have to make sure that our blood doesn't mix or some craziness. Good times.
I'm currently fighting my first pregnant cold and that's just a joy. Between that and this whole situation with dad in the ICU, I find myself wondering how I manage to stay upright most days. Casey is continuing to be his active self and wants to play regardless of how sick and tired I might be feeling so the exhaustion at the end of the day has led to some good nights sleep for me. Only waking up one time to pee? I'll take it! 
Little Miss is certainly very active and now i can look down at my belly and actually see her poking around. ALIEN! Babycenter says she weighs about 1-2/3 pounds and measures 14 inches. Casey clearly thinks she is taking too long in there because he's constantly poking my belly button and asking to get her out of there. "The baby is still in you tummy, mama?" Yes, son. It takes a long time to make a baby. I'm as ready as he is to have her out yet in no rush to have her here. What a conundrum.

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