25 Weeks Down, 15 To Go

I really need to find a better mirror for my selfies. I mean, at least the toilet seat is down amiright? I weighed myself here at work with my clothes on and no shoes and it said 221. The baby is supposedly rutabaga-sized at about 13-1/2" and 1-1/2 pounds. I feel like I am as big as a house. BFF told me this weekend I really looked like I'd popped and my co-worker told me that I look like I'm ready to have the baby now. Can't wait to see how big I get over the remaining months.
I feel like I have pulled a muscle or something between my legs so I have been rocking a waddle for about a week now. Getting up and down and walking have become more difficult than I'd like those activities to be. Casey has been sick for the past few nights and that coupled with the time change has meant I'm not feeling rested at all right now. If it were up to me, I would spend all my free time lying down but that simply isn't happening. And even if I was lying down, I doubt that would stop Little Miss from the acrobatics she performs constantly inside me.
Sometimes, it's really hard being nice when you are experiencing the emotional and hormonal upheaval that accompanies pregnancy. I find myself really struggling to be lovey dovey with Husband and it really bothers me. Casey sleeping with me and Husband sleeping in the spare room really bothers me. Stupid shit at work that is really nothing new really bothers me. My mom and her stress over Gran and my dad really bothers me. It would be nice to not feel so irritated all the time. I want to feel romantic and cuddly with Husband and it makes me feel sad that I'm not. Bah. This is a bit of a whiner week I think. Maybe I'll get some sleep this weekend and snap out of it. "Maybe."

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