Weekend Pics & Wrap Up

Casey has been in the mood for taking his shoes off in the car lately. It could be because the Santa Ana winds had Oxnard in the high 80s all weekend or it could be because his feet sweat like whores in church. Either way, on the way home from work on Friday night, I got to partake in this view and it was just perfection.
On Saturday Husband turned 39 so we actually went on a real-life date, one where we hired a babysitter and everything. First, we saw Rush which I will review in further detail tomorrow and then we went to Downtown Ventura to The Taj Cafe. It's at this point that I should mention we hardly ever venture out of our comfort zone and usually go to the same local restaurants so this was huge for us! Not only was the food and service amazing, but it was nice to just try something new. The owner was very friendly and sang to Brad and gave him a complimentary birthday treat at the end of dinner. It was really a great dining experience. HOWEVER, I will seriously cut a bitch if I ever have to find parking at 7:30pm in Downtown Ventura on a Saturday night ever again. Amen.
On Saturday (before our date) it was hotter and windier than shit so we didn't really go too far. We randomly hit up Barnes & Noble and ended up stumbling upon some sort of Star Wars day. There were kids and adults both dressed in costume and doing arts and crafts. Overheard was a smaller kid telling one of the grown up storm troopers that his middle name was Anakin. Wow. After that we wandered on over to the pet store where the lizard above was looking like a dirty gigolo trying to pick up chicks at the salad bar. Then we went searching for Halloween decorations and found some for 50% off at Kohl's. Fascinating stuff, I know! 
And featured above is my son on Sunday, passed out after a day of balls out fun. That's him on the extended footrest of our Lazy Boy couch. We had gone to his cousin's baseball game in the morning and then it was over to Gaga and Papa's house for a family birthday celebration for Dada. Another overly warm but not so windy day found us swimming in the outdoor pool. Seems crazy that our falls are hotter than our summers. Our evening was spent watching the Dodgers whoop the Braves' asses after we got a call saying Husband could return to work from the government shut-down furlough today and all was well in the world of the Fridays.

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