Weekend Pics - Real Camera Edition

We decided to have a family fun day and took Casey to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark yesterday. We thought we were going to a quaint pumpkin patch/petting zoo but apparently there is a big ass Harvest Festival right now complete with a farmer's market. There was a line of cars waiting to get in so we parked on the side of the road as soon as we could and wouldn't you know it, we were right behind the actress Minnie Driver. Here she is in front of us with her son:
Here's Casey in front of one of the biggest pumpkins he has ever seen. I don't know if I have forgotten how to take photographs or my camera has turned on me but none of these came out particularly great and for that I am saddened.
This was right next to the play area. You turn the crank, the food goes up and the goat climbs a dang plank right over your head to eat his snacks. I was sold. That right there was worth the price of admission. The lady next to me was equally excited and then kind of scolded herself for being so stoked because "I forget they climb mountains." LOL
I liked this long haired cow and his big ol' horns. I wish he would come live with us so I could brush his hair and we could talk about our hopes and dreams together.
Casey got pretty wore out pretty quickly because of all the different play areas and slides and animals to pet and what have you. Here he is taking a break on his Dada's head. I can't love it more than I do when he does this.
 This is pre-corn maze. I had never been in one. Now I know there is a reason why.
This was the point we got "cornfused" as to how the heck to get to the pyramid that was supposedly the "prize" at the center of the maze. It was quite warm and I am not going to lie to you when I say I was starving and done with the maze in about a minute and a half. Casey kept repeating "We lost in the corn maze" over and over and over.  It was pretty cute when we got to a map and he and two other children explained to three adults how we were gonna get out of there. Yeah no. Mama found the entrance and we were done.
All in all it was a fun little excursion but pretty pricey once we paid for admission and then had to buy tickets to do stuff inside. We didn't end up getting our pumpkin because of the long trek back to our car but we did have a good time. It's always nice to try new things that are a hop, skip and a jump away from the pad.

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