Rantings and Updates

  • Casey has had a cough since Friday that, each night, has had us up for at least an hour at a time. Friday night we had the pleasure of accompanying vomit thus canceling our trip to Solvang so no apple farms for the Fridays. This morning, we were up from 3:30-4:30 and again at 5:15. I hope this ends soon, for him and for me.
  • This fucking government shutdown actually happened meaning Husband is back on unpaid leave. Nothing like knowing he is "non-essential." We just got over the Navy furlough, now this. I am disgusted with our government like I never have been before and basically am insisting Husband quit his job as crazy as that sounds "in this economy."
  • My dad has not been doing well since his surgery and has had many experiences of pure hallucination and delirium. It has been quite frightening for all involved, especially my mom. On Friday he went for a brain scan and yesterday his neurologist told him that he had no brain trauma or tumors so it is not early onset Alzheimer's or dementia. Looks like one of his Parkinsons meds is to blame so hopefully we can get that cleared up soon.
  • Last night, however, in his sleepy search for heartburn medicine, he tripped on the stairs and put his head through the drywall. If it's not one thing, it's another.
  • Gran is slipping further into dementia and is not being nice about it at all. She called me at work yesterday with a fantasy about things I had done over the weekend that never happened and then was belligerent when I told her as much. These. Are. The. Good. Times. 
  • My boss's sister, who is a long-time family friend and basically just a ray of sunshine, was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer. I'm sad for her. I'm sad for her family. And most of all, I'm pissed that the best of the best end up with the worst of the worst diseases.
  • Today is Christine and Alex's wedding anniversary and their baby will be here this month and both of those things make me very, very happy. 
  • Little Mermaid comes out on DVD today and Husband will suffer my wrath if he shows up at home tonight without it. He has to "work" til noon today even though his job is effing him in the A. I can't put into words the murderous rage I am in. I need Jesus.
  • And to end this on a happy note, Halloween decorations are up at our house and Casey's Captain America costume has been purchased. While he is very anti-costume, he is deeply, madly in love with the shield and each night he and I fight the bad guys (aka Betty and his stuffed animals) with Casey in the role of Captain America and Mama as the Hulk.

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