Halfway There

Twenty weeks today. 218.4 pounds. Visible bump. It's all there. There is no playing this off. I bumped into two people I hadn't seen in a while yesterday and both of them didn't hesitate to yell at me that they had no idea I was pregnant. It probably didn't help that the shirt I chose to wear yesterday didn't exactly cover my bump all the way. Maternity chic, I am that.
Last night was the first night that I found my bump determining my sleeping positions. I just could not get comfortable. I think at one point I may have been actually lying face down which is a huge no-no and I'm shocked I even found myself in that position. In real life, I don't think I'm "sleeping" though considering I wake up at least twice now to go to the bathroom and Casey has been waking me up to cough for an hour at a time. Awesome.
The main discomfort I have been experiencing is my sciatic nerve pain. My right butt cheek hurts real bad. It hurts when I sit and I sit all day long because of work. It has me waddling like I'm hugely pregnant when in reality I'm not really so pregnant. Babycenter said I should have gained ten pounds by now but I'm still down from when I found out I was pregnant so the waddle is unjustified. I also think I was on the cusp of heartburn last night which I'm not looking forward to experiencing again.
On a good note: I can feel her move around and that makes me super happy. And I think I actually have a name for her. So there you have it! Here's to 20 more weeks of this!


Coodence said...

heh you look cute dude

liz ly said...

So happy for you! You look great! It'll be so fun to add a little girl to the fam. Take care!