24 weeks down, 16 to go. That's less than FOUR MONTHS. Ack! Weighed in at 218.8 this morning. Still not much weight gain but I'm definitely rocking a belly. She's about 1-1/3 pounds and about a foot long - the size of an ear of corn. She's also a busy, busy young lady and kicks me all throughout the day. Every time I wake up in the middle of the night, she's thumping around. My co-worker was able to feel her kick when she put her hand on my tummy so that was fun. Husband has yet to get a good feel.
She's gotten three brand new outfits so far from my mom and my friend Denise recently sent a bunch of her daughter's clothes so already there is a wee wardrobe of girl baby clothing in my house. I also have my niece's bedding for Casey's old crib so whether I like it or not, there is definitely a bunch of stuff already waiting for her arrival! I have to clean out the guest room closet which is currently full of my Gran's old photo albums and our luggage to make room for all her things soon. One of my many goals to transform that room into "her" room.
My girlfriend Beanie found out that she is having a boy about 5 weeks after I am due. Christine is about 2 weeks into being a new mom to her son. It's funny and fun to talk about new babies again, three years later. It also makes me a nervous wreck. I just don't feel like I'm ready to go through the sleepless nights and tender boobs and what have you all over again. Hopefully this time around will be a little easier since I have an idea of how it works already but I'm not getting too optimistic.

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it has to be, right? i mean it just has to be.