22 Down, 18 to Go

The fetus is supposedly 11 inches and almost a pound, the size of a spaghetti squash. For something so small, she sure is strong. The other night I'm almost positive I could feel her moving furniture in my womb from the outside of my tummy. I tried to get Husband to put his hand on there in time but he couldn't feel it. Soon.  She's most active after I eat, that's for sure.
Last night I had what was either terrible food poisoning or some sort of vicious stomach bug. I'm assuming it was the latter because that seems to be going around and before bedtime Casey had an accident in his underpants because of "not solid" #2. I was up all night vomiting and with diarrhea and I have never felt worse. My stomach is all cramped up and I'm exhausted from not getting any sleep. When I weighed myself this morning, I was back down to 217. Not sure if I should be worried.
Had my checkup with the OBGYN yesterday and he said my 2nd trimester screening blood results came back okay. He did that thing where he put a tape-measure across my belly like a carpenter getting ready to lay flooring. We heard the heartbeat and no one said my blood pressure was high so I assume we are all looking pretty good. I go back in a month and don't have to go for the third defect screening as I'd previously thought which is nice because as much as I love ultrasounds, it's sort of inconvenient to miss so much work.

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Ang said...

hope you feel better soon! stomach bugs are no fun!