21 Weeks

Here we are, more than halfway there. According to babycenter, the little lady is the length of a carrot today - about 10" and 3/4 of a pound. Apparently, a milestone for girls at this point is the formation of their vagina. Who knew? There is no doubt that she is in there as she reminds me often with a kick to the back of my belly button. Her movements are frequent and forceful and I just can't wait until Husband and Casey can feel her from the outside of my tummy.
Forgot to weigh myself this morning like I usually do but it's a strange time for me because I'm definitely eating more and have more feelings of hunger but I get so full so quickly. And of course, with that fullness, comes heartburn. The other night when we were watching the Dodgers beat the Braves for the title, I thought I was going to die because not only was I having baseball anxiety related discomfort, I was also having severe heartburn. I go to see my doctor on Tuesday and will definitely be discussing whether it is safe for me to take Prilosec again because to hell with this nonsense. Why women carry babies in their stomach region when the shifting of their guts leads to heartburn and constipation I will never know. I'd much rather carry mine on my back or shoulders.
And because I like to finish on a happy note, I think Husband and I have actually agreed on a name: Christa Allyn. Casey is Husband's mom's nickname and Douglas is my dad's name so we decided to continue on with that theme. Christa is a variation on Christy for the many men on my mother's side that had that name: my uncle, my grandpa, my older brother who I never knew because he died before I was born. My dad also had a grandfather named Christ and my mother's middle name is Christin. It's fitting, I think. Allyn is a twist on Husband's middle name and my father-in-law's first name. I'm Randi with an I instead of Randy so she will be Allyn with a Y instead of an E. I like the idea of her having a boy's name like her mama.

Weight Edit: as of Thursday morning, 218.8 so a gain of about 1/2 a pound.


Lurker Girl said...

Love the name! and you are a beautiful preggo!! Enjoy this time!!

Coodence said...

my fave pic so far, joseph! you look great!