24 weeks down, 16 to go. That's less than FOUR MONTHS. Ack! Weighed in at 218.8 this morning. Still not much weight gain but I'm definitely rocking a belly. She's about 1-1/3 pounds and about a foot long - the size of an ear of corn. She's also a busy, busy young lady and kicks me all throughout the day. Every time I wake up in the middle of the night, she's thumping around. My co-worker was able to feel her kick when she put her hand on my tummy so that was fun. Husband has yet to get a good feel.
She's gotten three brand new outfits so far from my mom and my friend Denise recently sent a bunch of her daughter's clothes so already there is a wee wardrobe of girl baby clothing in my house. I also have my niece's bedding for Casey's old crib so whether I like it or not, there is definitely a bunch of stuff already waiting for her arrival! I have to clean out the guest room closet which is currently full of my Gran's old photo albums and our luggage to make room for all her things soon. One of my many goals to transform that room into "her" room.
My girlfriend Beanie found out that she is having a boy about 5 weeks after I am due. Christine is about 2 weeks into being a new mom to her son. It's funny and fun to talk about new babies again, three years later. It also makes me a nervous wreck. I just don't feel like I'm ready to go through the sleepless nights and tender boobs and what have you all over again. Hopefully this time around will be a little easier since I have an idea of how it works already but I'm not getting too optimistic.


Haiku Friday

Friday has arrived
No solid weekend plans yet
Don't mind that at all
Nearly Halloween
Casey wants me to dress up
As Wonder Woman
Husband is The Hulk
Boy's Captain America
I'll just be mommy


23 Down, 17 to Go

218.4 pounds this morning. I was glad to see it was up from the 217 last week after the vicious case of the stomach flu. I worry a lot about how much weight I'm not gaining this pregnancy. I actually weigh less now than I did when I conceived Casey and that just seems crazy to me. I think my eating habits are better and I just get full more quickly but I expected to be a house by now. Not that I want that either. Ha! She's the size of a large mango (about 11" long and a bit over a pound). 
Nothing too much new in the pregnancy department. The little miss is very busy and kicks me all day long. I've noticed when her brother is being rowdy and noisy, she seems to move more. I guess she can hear him? It's really cute. Casey likes to hug my belly a lot. He tells everyone there's a baby "on" my tummy. He gets a kick out of the pumpkin tee shirt too.
Heartburn seems pretty common place right now. I'm wondering if it's too soon to take Prilosec. I had a super insane craving for chocolate milk yesterday. It's getting a little awkward to sleep. I've woken up a few times where my heart has just been racing. Other than that, just getting bigger and closer to having a daughter.


Weekend Pics

 Dr. Casey has a thing with listening to heartbeats right now.
 Dada and Casey racing at the Ventura Harbor
 My wee family at the pumpkin patch (and my double chin)
Casey may be over getting his photo taken
 Every picture I have of these two, they are touching. Cousins.
 Who needs to be a doctor when you can be a fireman?
And of course my handsome hubby had to join in on the fun.


Haiku Friday

What a stupid week
Tuesday OBGYN
Stomach flu that night
Got real sick at work
On Wednesday so slept all day
Done with feeling bad! 
Yesterday? Dentist
Casey's appointment: two hours
"Mom" is a hard job


22 Down, 18 to Go

The fetus is supposedly 11 inches and almost a pound, the size of a spaghetti squash. For something so small, she sure is strong. The other night I'm almost positive I could feel her moving furniture in my womb from the outside of my tummy. I tried to get Husband to put his hand on there in time but he couldn't feel it. Soon.  She's most active after I eat, that's for sure.
Last night I had what was either terrible food poisoning or some sort of vicious stomach bug. I'm assuming it was the latter because that seems to be going around and before bedtime Casey had an accident in his underpants because of "not solid" #2. I was up all night vomiting and with diarrhea and I have never felt worse. My stomach is all cramped up and I'm exhausted from not getting any sleep. When I weighed myself this morning, I was back down to 217. Not sure if I should be worried.
Had my checkup with the OBGYN yesterday and he said my 2nd trimester screening blood results came back okay. He did that thing where he put a tape-measure across my belly like a carpenter getting ready to lay flooring. We heard the heartbeat and no one said my blood pressure was high so I assume we are all looking pretty good. I go back in a month and don't have to go for the third defect screening as I'd previously thought which is nice because as much as I love ultrasounds, it's sort of inconvenient to miss so much work.


Weekend Pics - Real Camera Edition

We decided to have a family fun day and took Casey to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark yesterday. We thought we were going to a quaint pumpkin patch/petting zoo but apparently there is a big ass Harvest Festival right now complete with a farmer's market. There was a line of cars waiting to get in so we parked on the side of the road as soon as we could and wouldn't you know it, we were right behind the actress Minnie Driver. Here she is in front of us with her son:
Here's Casey in front of one of the biggest pumpkins he has ever seen. I don't know if I have forgotten how to take photographs or my camera has turned on me but none of these came out particularly great and for that I am saddened.
This was right next to the play area. You turn the crank, the food goes up and the goat climbs a dang plank right over your head to eat his snacks. I was sold. That right there was worth the price of admission. The lady next to me was equally excited and then kind of scolded herself for being so stoked because "I forget they climb mountains." LOL
I liked this long haired cow and his big ol' horns. I wish he would come live with us so I could brush his hair and we could talk about our hopes and dreams together.
Casey got pretty wore out pretty quickly because of all the different play areas and slides and animals to pet and what have you. Here he is taking a break on his Dada's head. I can't love it more than I do when he does this.
 This is pre-corn maze. I had never been in one. Now I know there is a reason why.
This was the point we got "cornfused" as to how the heck to get to the pyramid that was supposedly the "prize" at the center of the maze. It was quite warm and I am not going to lie to you when I say I was starving and done with the maze in about a minute and a half. Casey kept repeating "We lost in the corn maze" over and over and over.  It was pretty cute when we got to a map and he and two other children explained to three adults how we were gonna get out of there. Yeah no. Mama found the entrance and we were done.
All in all it was a fun little excursion but pretty pricey once we paid for admission and then had to buy tickets to do stuff inside. We didn't end up getting our pumpkin because of the long trek back to our car but we did have a good time. It's always nice to try new things that are a hop, skip and a jump away from the pad.


Glee Haiku Friday

I watched Glee last night
Sobbed and wept for an hour straight
Finished the Kleenex
Heroin or not
This young man's death hit me hard
So I grieved last night
Watched his loved ones mourn
Hard to separate the show
From reality


21 Weeks

Here we are, more than halfway there. According to babycenter, the little lady is the length of a carrot today - about 10" and 3/4 of a pound. Apparently, a milestone for girls at this point is the formation of their vagina. Who knew? There is no doubt that she is in there as she reminds me often with a kick to the back of my belly button. Her movements are frequent and forceful and I just can't wait until Husband and Casey can feel her from the outside of my tummy.
Forgot to weigh myself this morning like I usually do but it's a strange time for me because I'm definitely eating more and have more feelings of hunger but I get so full so quickly. And of course, with that fullness, comes heartburn. The other night when we were watching the Dodgers beat the Braves for the title, I thought I was going to die because not only was I having baseball anxiety related discomfort, I was also having severe heartburn. I go to see my doctor on Tuesday and will definitely be discussing whether it is safe for me to take Prilosec again because to hell with this nonsense. Why women carry babies in their stomach region when the shifting of their guts leads to heartburn and constipation I will never know. I'd much rather carry mine on my back or shoulders.
And because I like to finish on a happy note, I think Husband and I have actually agreed on a name: Christa Allyn. Casey is Husband's mom's nickname and Douglas is my dad's name so we decided to continue on with that theme. Christa is a variation on Christy for the many men on my mother's side that had that name: my uncle, my grandpa, my older brother who I never knew because he died before I was born. My dad also had a grandfather named Christ and my mother's middle name is Christin. It's fitting, I think. Allyn is a twist on Husband's middle name and my father-in-law's first name. I'm Randi with an I instead of Randy so she will be Allyn with a Y instead of an E. I like the idea of her having a boy's name like her mama.

Weight Edit: as of Thursday morning, 218.8 so a gain of about 1/2 a pound.


Long Overdue Movie Review

I can't even remember the last time we saw something in the theater that wasn't animated but on Saturday night, Husband and I had a date to see Rush - the movie, not the band. It was his birthday so he got to pick what we saw. Race cars don't hold much appeal for me but I had read good things about this one and I don't think Ron Howard really makes a bad movie so I went into it with a positive frame of mind.
I'll start by saying Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor) is irresponsibly handsome. It's distracting. He also oozes charm and when I see his blonde hair and blue eyes I go a little mom-crazy and have fear that my son will end up being a stunner like him and start freaking out about all the women he'll go through. Yes, I know. I have a problem. When I wasn't thinking like a mom, however, I was celebrating the fact that this movie basically opened with a shot of Hemsworth's thrusting, naked ass. Something for the ladies, indeed. Giggity.
For those of you who don't know, this movie is about a rivalry that existed in 1976 between two Formula 1 racers: Brit James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda. Both came from wealthy families but felt destined to be race car drivers so were basically disinherited by their businessmen fathers. They had quite a bit in common although Hunt was a playboy and Lauda was extremely disciplined. Hunt passed away but Lauda had said in an EW interview that Hunt would have laughed at the hooplah made about their rivalry because in reality they were actually quite friendly. It was fun to watch on screen, either way.
The racing scenes were intense and although there were many of them, they never felt repetitive. It was very interesting to see the dynamic of the teams behind the racers and to learn a bit about the mechanics of the race cars themselves. The danger seemed palpable and I was often on the edge of my seat. I don't want to give away too much but Lauda's injuries and recovery were very graphic and made me wonder why anyone would essentially risk their lives for a trophy. I would say I recommend this movie for sure. It made for a very fun date night and made me really want to be a regular movie viewer again.


Weekend Pics & Wrap Up

Casey has been in the mood for taking his shoes off in the car lately. It could be because the Santa Ana winds had Oxnard in the high 80s all weekend or it could be because his feet sweat like whores in church. Either way, on the way home from work on Friday night, I got to partake in this view and it was just perfection.
On Saturday Husband turned 39 so we actually went on a real-life date, one where we hired a babysitter and everything. First, we saw Rush which I will review in further detail tomorrow and then we went to Downtown Ventura to The Taj Cafe. It's at this point that I should mention we hardly ever venture out of our comfort zone and usually go to the same local restaurants so this was huge for us! Not only was the food and service amazing, but it was nice to just try something new. The owner was very friendly and sang to Brad and gave him a complimentary birthday treat at the end of dinner. It was really a great dining experience. HOWEVER, I will seriously cut a bitch if I ever have to find parking at 7:30pm in Downtown Ventura on a Saturday night ever again. Amen.
On Saturday (before our date) it was hotter and windier than shit so we didn't really go too far. We randomly hit up Barnes & Noble and ended up stumbling upon some sort of Star Wars day. There were kids and adults both dressed in costume and doing arts and crafts. Overheard was a smaller kid telling one of the grown up storm troopers that his middle name was Anakin. Wow. After that we wandered on over to the pet store where the lizard above was looking like a dirty gigolo trying to pick up chicks at the salad bar. Then we went searching for Halloween decorations and found some for 50% off at Kohl's. Fascinating stuff, I know! 
And featured above is my son on Sunday, passed out after a day of balls out fun. That's him on the extended footrest of our Lazy Boy couch. We had gone to his cousin's baseball game in the morning and then it was over to Gaga and Papa's house for a family birthday celebration for Dada. Another overly warm but not so windy day found us swimming in the outdoor pool. Seems crazy that our falls are hotter than our summers. Our evening was spent watching the Dodgers whoop the Braves' asses after we got a call saying Husband could return to work from the government shut-down furlough today and all was well in the world of the Fridays.



Sick day yesterday
Feels like I just wrote those words
Not so long ago
Casey's week long cough
Forced us to see the doctor
It's just allergies
Santa Ana Winds
Cuz nothing helps allergies
Like dry, hot weather


Halfway There

Twenty weeks today. 218.4 pounds. Visible bump. It's all there. There is no playing this off. I bumped into two people I hadn't seen in a while yesterday and both of them didn't hesitate to yell at me that they had no idea I was pregnant. It probably didn't help that the shirt I chose to wear yesterday didn't exactly cover my bump all the way. Maternity chic, I am that.
Last night was the first night that I found my bump determining my sleeping positions. I just could not get comfortable. I think at one point I may have been actually lying face down which is a huge no-no and I'm shocked I even found myself in that position. In real life, I don't think I'm "sleeping" though considering I wake up at least twice now to go to the bathroom and Casey has been waking me up to cough for an hour at a time. Awesome.
The main discomfort I have been experiencing is my sciatic nerve pain. My right butt cheek hurts real bad. It hurts when I sit and I sit all day long because of work. It has me waddling like I'm hugely pregnant when in reality I'm not really so pregnant. Babycenter said I should have gained ten pounds by now but I'm still down from when I found out I was pregnant so the waddle is unjustified. I also think I was on the cusp of heartburn last night which I'm not looking forward to experiencing again.
On a good note: I can feel her move around and that makes me super happy. And I think I actually have a name for her. So there you have it! Here's to 20 more weeks of this!


Rantings and Updates

  • Casey has had a cough since Friday that, each night, has had us up for at least an hour at a time. Friday night we had the pleasure of accompanying vomit thus canceling our trip to Solvang so no apple farms for the Fridays. This morning, we were up from 3:30-4:30 and again at 5:15. I hope this ends soon, for him and for me.
  • This fucking government shutdown actually happened meaning Husband is back on unpaid leave. Nothing like knowing he is "non-essential." We just got over the Navy furlough, now this. I am disgusted with our government like I never have been before and basically am insisting Husband quit his job as crazy as that sounds "in this economy."
  • My dad has not been doing well since his surgery and has had many experiences of pure hallucination and delirium. It has been quite frightening for all involved, especially my mom. On Friday he went for a brain scan and yesterday his neurologist told him that he had no brain trauma or tumors so it is not early onset Alzheimer's or dementia. Looks like one of his Parkinsons meds is to blame so hopefully we can get that cleared up soon.
  • Last night, however, in his sleepy search for heartburn medicine, he tripped on the stairs and put his head through the drywall. If it's not one thing, it's another.
  • Gran is slipping further into dementia and is not being nice about it at all. She called me at work yesterday with a fantasy about things I had done over the weekend that never happened and then was belligerent when I told her as much. These. Are. The. Good. Times. 
  • My boss's sister, who is a long-time family friend and basically just a ray of sunshine, was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer. I'm sad for her. I'm sad for her family. And most of all, I'm pissed that the best of the best end up with the worst of the worst diseases.
  • Today is Christine and Alex's wedding anniversary and their baby will be here this month and both of those things make me very, very happy. 
  • Little Mermaid comes out on DVD today and Husband will suffer my wrath if he shows up at home tonight without it. He has to "work" til noon today even though his job is effing him in the A. I can't put into words the murderous rage I am in. I need Jesus.
  • And to end this on a happy note, Halloween decorations are up at our house and Casey's Captain America costume has been purchased. While he is very anti-costume, he is deeply, madly in love with the shield and each night he and I fight the bad guys (aka Betty and his stuffed animals) with Casey in the role of Captain America and Mama as the Hulk.