Weekend Pics

Casey loves to put dirt on the driveway and sweep. This was our Friday after work activity. We love to get him outside as often as possible otherwise it's superheroes all. the. time.
On Saturday we went to a bounce house party and it was awesome. Casey had no fear and totally climbed that faux rock wall back there and did slides and overall just kicked that place's butt.
I had helped him up a giant slide and then went down said slide (not recommended for the preggoes by the way) and got this gnarly "rug" burn on my elbow. I can't remember the last time I had one of those but it stings like a son of a gun.
Here's Casey on Sunday with his new haircut. We're filling up to go see the new Bhallagrass compound! He had to bring Pooh along which was both totally random and heart-breakingly sweet for me to behold.
And here are the two best buddies watching ... wait for it... Superheroes! Sigh.

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Coodence said...

they look so happy to be together.