Weekend Pics & Wrap Up

This was the view on Saturday morning as we headed to the yard sale. Behind us was a marine layer so thick it was like we were driving through cloud tunnels. Ahead of us the sun was shining through and it looked like a UFO had landed. It was a successful sale in that we got rid of a bunch of stuff but we only made about $150.
Casey and I nap together on the weekends and this was after quite a struggle on Saturday afternoon. He demands I sing "Twinkle Twinkle" and after about a dozen rounds, he is generally fast asleep. He reminds me of his daddy here with his huge guns.
When I got out of the shower on Sunday morning I found Casey sitting in a pile of forty ones from the yard sale that he had taken from the counter. He was tossing the bills around and telling me about "his" money. I like how he has his leg up on dad's nightstand, big pimpin', spending Gs.
Sunday afternoon I sneaked out to get a mani/pedi/mini neck massage (amazing and overdue) and when I came back I found Casey awake despite his daddy assuring me he'd get him to take a nap. I finally got him down but woke him up after about 2 hours because I wanted him to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Yeah, instead he slept on me like this for another half hour. Poor Pea. He doesn't want to nap but he needs them so badly. And no, I am not stoned, just makeup-less.
And finally, my utensil drawer. Ask BFF. Other than that, it was football all day every day. Dad finally is out of the hospital. Chili was eaten. Things were good.

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