Rancho Viernes

Husband and I often call our house Rancho Viernes because we have a bunny and his cage is painted like a barn. Hey, The Bun!
We also have three fruit trees in our back yard that came with the house: orange, lemon and plum. When we first moved in we grew pumpkins for shits and giggles. Husband was born and raised on a working cattle farm so I like to believe that when we grow things and have animals, it helps ease some of the homesickness he must feel for rural Michigan. I could be fooling myself but I'm happy in my land of make believe.
For a hot second we tried our hand at what we believed was an attempt at composting but was really just us throwing our fruit and veggie scraps into a corner of our front yard planter that is obstructed by a big bush and a magnolia tree then promptly forgetting about said scraps. Out of nowhere a few months ago, we managed to grow garlic. Most recently, a tomato plant sprouted back there and we have been harvesting what appear to be Roma tomatoes and lots of them. They're actually quite tasty despite us having put little to no effort growing them. However, there are lots of them. Just like we had lots of plums and have lots of lemons. Why the oranges are stunted, I just don't know.
BFF had us over for dinner on Sunday night and I decided to make use of some of our harvest. I wanted make something with the tomatoes we had left over after I traded a bowl full with the neighbor for the figs she grew in her backyard. I swear I don't know when I became part of a farming co-op but that's a story for another day. I already know lemons will almost always be used for lemon bars! Here is the recipe I used for a fresh tomato salad with my notes in parentheses:

Jamie Oliver's The Mothership Tomato Salad Recipe
2-1/4 pounds mixed ripe tomatoes
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
A good pinch dried oregano (They recommend "dried flowering" but I used fresh)
1 clove garlic, peeled and grated (I used 2)
1 fresh red chile, seeded and chopped (I used 1/2 a red jalapeno but could have used the whole thing)
(I also chose to add mozzarella because Husband insisted it be caprese but you don't have to if you don't want to)
For dressing:
1 part red wine or balsamic vinegar 
3 parts extra-virgin olive oil
I chopped up the tomatoes into bite sized pieces then salted them once, tossed and salted again. I put in a colander to drain some of the excess juice for about 15 minutes.
I added the finely minced oregano, garlic and chile and tossed. Then I added small pieces of mozzarella until it looked nice (meaning: I have no idea how much I used). I prepared this several hours before meal time so the ingredients had time to marry and it was then refrigerated until serving.
Right before serving, I drizzled generously with the dressing without over-saturating the tomatoes.
It was quite yummy and would likely make this again though be prepared to burp up garlic for several hours after consuming. Or maybe that's just because I'm pregnant. Ha! Here's a photo of the fruits of my labor. Holler!


Ang said...

i burped up garlic too....it was worth it though....loved your creations!

Coodence said...

Ha! So good.

Yesterday, for dinner, I added to the leftover tomato salad: chopped up kalamata olives, a dash of red chili, salt and pepper. Let that sit while boiling water and making pasta. Then, I mixed it all together with a generous handful of parm. Deelicious!