Long Weekend Wrap Up

Well, ladies and gentlemen, my campaign to chop off my hair went successfully on Saturday morning and I couldn't be happier with the results. I forgot how liberating it is to have short, short hair like this. It was especially noticeable this weekend because of the record heat we were experiencing in our normally cool town. Goodness. It's so nice to not have anything touching my face! Plus, for some reason, my hair has been falling out so I don't need long strand evidence of my forthcoming baldness.


After my haircut we went to get our family portraits taken at JC Penney as we have each year around Casey's birthday. This outing was a bit more successful than last year's meltdown but not super great. We managed to get a few good shots that will document the beginning of his third year so that's about all I can ask for. He was great when he was able to do his own poses but once it came time for some shots with his parents, he sort of rebelled against us. Naturally, we rewarded him with a trip to Toys R Us for his rebellion. Not really. We just had gift certificates that needed spending. Here he is with Kermit. Looks real happy huh? Not so much but that was because it was taken before he loaded up with new Captain America and Incredible Hulk guys. We let him watch The Avengers movie this weekend and he was enthralled, mimicking the movie as we watched it with his own superhero collection. Very nerdy. Very awesome.

As for the rest of the weekend, we just stayed close to home - playing in the yard or watching movies in the dark to beat the heat. My dad's surgery went very well on Friday and by 6pm he was headed into recovery. We got to visit him on Saturday and Sunday and on both days he looked really great for someone who had to have a fifth of the upper lobe of his lung removed. Doctors removed 80% of the tumor and said that they were pretty confident that it was the non-cancerous muscle tumor they thought it was initially. He should be going home today.

On Sunday morning we took Casey to the beach down the street from our house. He played hard for a good hour and then told us it was time to go home. I sat down to let the surf lap up on my legs and he did the same and next thing we knew a wave came at us hard and fast and knocked us both over. I had sand in every nether-region imaginable and his head literally looked like it was helmeted in sand. He was a trooper though and laughed that right off. Monday morning we stuck to the serenity of the pool. I swear, if you want to wear a kid out, just add water and sunshine. I was sure grateful for all the napping he and I did the last three days. Kind of makes up for the ZERO sleep I got last night.


Christine said...

Love the haircut! And SUCH great news about Dad! xoxo

Coodence said...

What crusty said.