17 Down, 23 To Go

I weighed in at 218.2 this morning so I've gained some weight since last week. I guess it helps that I haven't thrown up in about a week either! Yay!
So I must be showing because people are talking about the bump. Here are some of the things I have heard:
During my pedi - "I will only massage your legs because massaging your feet is bad for pregnant women" (I have heard this myth that it induces labor many, many times.)
Same lady - "I think you are having a girl" so I asked her if I looked terrible because I heard girls steal your beauty and she said "No because you look great!" (That was nice.)
From the liquor store employee who I have known for about 5 years and whose wife had two miscarriages at the same time as mine "Are you about 7 months pregnant?" (LOL)
From two lady friends at the yard sale - unintelligible squealing leading to "It's a girl!" or "You're pregnant!??!" (I was wearing a tighter tee shirt and stretch pants and although I think my belly looked like it always does, I guess maybe it doesn't)
From the neighbor next door - "My wife thought you were pregnant. She drove by you the other day and came home telling me you were expecting a new baby. I saw you'd been gaining weight but I would never ask if you were pregnant because I did that once and the lady had just gained weight." (I didn't find this insulting in the least, just funny.)
And finally, from my son. Last night I told him he had to be gentle when he sits on my lap and he said "It's because you has a baby on you tummy." And I told him he was right and he looked at me quite seriously and said " You has to go to da hosduble?" but I reassured him that wasn't for a while now. Poor friend. So concerned. He is still talking into my belly button to the baby which is super cute. He did call the baby "brother" the other day so we have to clarify this whole brother/sister idea and who is who I think.


Andrea said...

Girls don't steal your beauty!!! Who on earth told you that mess?!

My sister has been pregnant once. With a girl. And she was glowly and happy and felt awesome and was lovely the entire time. And she is still lovely. And she's had a girl for over 9 years now.

Stop hatin' girls, dude. Gosh! :)

Coodence said...

adorbs! nice to see you smiling in your bump picture.