Weekend Wrap Up

On Saturday, August 24, Casey turned three years old. We had a "small" gathering of about a dozen adults and four children. As you can see, it was a Planes theme per Casey's request. His Gaga and Papa bought all kinds of decorations and plates and hats and whatnot so he was thrilled when he woke up on his birthday morning and saw airplanes hanging all over the ceiling in the living room.
Here's a picture of Casey and Sasha in the Spiderman bouncy house. Planes bouncy houses weren't available but Casey loves superheroes more than anything on earth anyway so it all worked out. I tell you what, if you have more than three children at your house at any given time, a bouncy house is worth every single cent you can spend.
Here we are at gift opening time, Casey surrounded by his guests and Mama in the middle. He got spoiled with lots of arts and crafts supplies and more superhero figurines than you can shake a stick at. I'm glad we only had a few people over otherwise we'd have no room for all his toys in our home. The kids were so good at helping him open his gifts. It was really cute.
And finally here is the birthday boy in his wee party crown from the Disney store just prior to us singing happy birthday to him. He really had no time for organized events at his party thanks to superheroes and friends and bouncy houses but he did humor us for long enough to sing and blow out the candles. The fact that my boy skipped cake - his favorite thing ever - says much.

The next day I was literally bedridden. I'm sure glad this will be my last hosted gathering as a pregnant person. I had to take a bath in Epsom salt because my legs were so sore and painkillers are a no-no. I spent all day either on the couch or in bed. And naturally, by the end of the afternoon, I was booting with not even a hangover to blame. Party time, indeed.


Jessica said...

Looks like a fabulous party! I can't believe he's three already.

Unknown said...

Adorbs pics dude. Love them.