• 12 weeks today, 28 to go. Jackpot is lime-sized. Still super tired all the time. Still fighting this weird nausea feeling. Breaking out in pimples everywhere. Ultrasound next Wednesday morning for birth defect screening. Still kind of in denial about this whole thing. Still not gaining weight but am digging the 219 on the scale as sick as that may be.
  • Work has been sort of a nightmare for like two weeks now because three dudes in my office took vacation and I'm picking up the slack. It's not that fun and I leave in the afternoon feeling like a total zombie. I like being busy but this is a bit much. Feast or famine seems to be the way this place runs though.
  • Reading the news makes me so angry. This morning I read that 2 kids were killed by a 100 pound, 15 foot snake. What the hell is a snake of that size doing around two little kids in an apartment? Why not just have a lion in there? And the grandmother who put methadone on her grand-children's gums to get them to sleep, killing one of them? And BFF telling me about a quote in an article regarding childhood obesity quoting a mom that tried Whole Foods but it was just too expensive!? WHOLE FOODS? REALLY!!!??? Argh. I just can't stand it.
  • I was also upset by some people on Facebook yesterday that were irritated enough to post their irritation because an Amber Alert was issued to their cell phone. Mind you two people are dead and potentially two other children are kidnapped but GOD FORBID it interrupt your texting. Jesus. Is there just no hope for humanity? 


Christine said...

I think you need to stop reading the news. xo

libelletage.com said...

Ok, I thought people complaining about the amber alert was just lame too. Seriously.