Weekend Pics - Fair Edition

Friday evening we had a quick little surprise visit from BFF but a lot of the weekend was spent resting and/or sleeping because I just didn't feel so great. I know, hide your surprise. It even meant missing a visit with the lovely Lisa on Saturday afternoon which is quite disappointing at best. On Sunday morning I did muster the strength to attend the Ventura County Fair though!
This adorable shot was taken as we walked in the fair. It's so rare that Casey actually smiles for a picture I had to have it. Husband and I are both breaking out in acne like pubescent, oily teenagers and we were so shiny and gross that I opted out of the family picture. Yes. I'm that vain.
First stop was the animals because I was trying my hardest to avoid going on fair rides.
Here we are looking at the baby pigs together. Husband took this and I love it because we're so cute but DAMN MY ASS IS BIG.
Casey would not stop talking about the damn blue dragon ride that we saw as we walked into the fair despite my best efforts to distract him so he and Dada inevitably ended up riding it. At least it looks like he had a good time on the spinning death trap.
I also thought it was very important that he ride the big slide so I went up with him and pushed him down like the big bad bully I am. It took me forever to get down from there, by the way. God forbid anyone let the pregnant woman walk down the stairs before they send up the masses. I certainly wasn't going down the slide!
And finally here is the photo of Casey with the gross carny prize that Husband won by breaking a bottle with a baseball. Everyone knows he must prove his strength and manliness by breaking things any time we attend a fair-like atmosphere.


Coodence said...

love the slide pic. the top picture won't show up, ho.

libelletage.com said...

Bummed you weren't feeling well! Hopefully it passes soon.