Bump Update - Bumpdate?

Welcome to the 2nd trimester! 14 weeks down, 26 to go. Here is a picture of me in prison, no just kidding it's just my horrible bathroom at work. I'm trying to capture "the bump" but I think I just look chubby. I weigh about as much as I did a year ago when I was actively exercising and dieting: 217. I'm sure the lack of beer has something to do with it but for the past week I have been vomiting almost daily so I've lost about 7 pounds since conception. I was under the impression that "morning" sickness let up about now but apparently mine is just starting. I have an aversion to drinking even water and although eating is just not something I particularly enjoy right now, I'm trying to power through for the sake of the fetus.
I had my OBGYN checkup yesterday and he said everything looked great in regards to the testing we had done last week. I told him "Yeah everything except the missing penis!" and we had a good laugh. He was impressed we could tell so soon. We got to listen to the heartbeat for a bit and it didn't seem as though there was much cause for concern on any level so that's always nice. I told him about the vomiting and he said it was pretty normal (that some women have it until 6 months!) but gave me a prescription for an anti-nausea medicine if I was interested. I don't think I will use it because he said vomiting 3-4 times a day is cause for concern but not really once a day. I'm sure I can power through with this one just like I did with Casey but booting at work is totally embarrassing and not really something I want to do especially when my co-workers comment on it. Yes, apparently I work in not only a prison, but a frat house.
Husband had asked me if I would ask the office for a doctor's note saying it would be in the best interest of this pregnancy if he worked closer to home so I did that. I hope the Navy will take that into consideration but I sure felt silly asking for a letter that basically states the obvious. Of course it's better that a spouse be with his pregnant wife and three-year old son as opposed to nearly 200 miles away, right? Doc said he'd do it and the lady at the front desk and I got a general outline going before I left their office. I feel like I should probably get those folks a box of chocolates or something for always being so dang nice and helpful.

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That would be so great if he could be home more! I hope it works.