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Today we went to the first trimester aneuploidy screening with the genetic specialist because the fetus is exactly at 13 weeks and frankly, the first trimester is essentially over today. This test included a blood draw and an extensive ultrasound that was even in 3D or 4D or whatever the heck that is called. According to the doctor and the ultrasound technician, the baby is looking good as far as pulse and measurements and that sort of thing. They measure the neck during this screening to determine what kind of odds the baby has of being born with Downs plus they make sure the heart looks good and there doesn't seem to be any worry on either account.  I was asked if I wanted to do an amniocentesis because I will be 36 years old when I pop but I think I will decline because a) nothing seems amiss and b) after two miscarriages, I don't see the sense in adding the risk of putting a giant needle anywhere near my belly or this child. An amnio is closer to 100% in determining birth defects and that sort of thing whereas today's screening is more like 90%.
They did acknowledge something with my placenta that explained that bleeding a few weeks ago but it doesn't seem to be a worry now. I had hypothyroid before Casey was born but being pregnant with him made everything normal again which is highly irregular. They want to keep an eye on that because the thyroid really gets tapped when you're with child I guess. I have an appointment with my OBGYN next Tuesday and I'm sure he'll have more to say about what went down today. I guess my blood pressure is like on the cusp of being high but it was high with Casey too. I've lost 5 pounds since I conceived. The baby weighs an ounce so... I mean, yeah I shouldn't be gaining weight but I definitely wore maternity pants yesterday and this morning Husband said "You look pregnant." Yippee. My nipples would agree. So hideous. Barf count is up to three now but each time it's mostly just been foamy dry heaving. You're welcome.
And while the technician told us that "she wouldn't paint the nursery pink" she is pretty sure this baby is a girl. First of all, there was no penis all up on the monitor like there was with Casey. Secondly, there is a nub in the genital area and if it runs parallel with the spine, the baby is likely a girl. With boys, the nub kind of points up and out. I had read that on a website and said something about it to the technician and she totally agreed that was true. I figured she'd dismiss it as tomfoolery but she didn't and that nub (not pictured here today) is definitely parallel. We'll know for sure in a few weeks.
 Here is "her" left profile. She's got her arm up and her hand up by her face. This is that weird 3D/4D technology that we didn't have the pleasure of being a part of with Casey.
This is her butt and long ol' froggy legs. Maybe she'll be the only one in our family with long legs? As you can see, there's a clear split there that I can only assume is NOT A PENIS. Again, we shall know more for certain in about 5-6 weeks.


Christine said...

Yay! So glad it turned out OK! xoxo

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Gen said...

Hamburger = girl
Hot dog = boy

Kinda looks like a burger to me!