Weekend Pics and Wrap Up

Here is a picture of Husband taking the role of sidewalk chalk artist very seriously. Casey is obsessed with Monsters so he was drawing a beautiful rendition of Mike. This was before the picture he drew of a Sully from hell that is better left un-photographed. We spent quite a while outdoors enjoying the sunshine this weekend which was really nice.
This photograph of Casey might as well be a mirror-image of how his mama felt all weekend. I came home half-day on Friday because I was so nauseous and spent most of that afternoon horizontal. Saturday, we did a few errands and went to a birthday party. Sunday we went to the harbor for lunch with Miss Kitty and then had my brother and his family over for dinner so we did stuff but when we weren't doing stuff, I was lying down. It's funny because this morning I was feeling recharged and not really nauseous so I was so happy. The next thing I knew I was barfing over the kitchen sink with Casey staring at me in disbelief before we had to head out the door for work. My shame spiral has been renewed. Have I mentioned how mean pregnant is to me? Yeah.

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Lurker Girl said...

lots of barfing equals a very healthy fetus...It could also mean a girl! I puked for 4 months straight with my DD, then one day I woke up, felt like a whole new woman and the rest of the time was great.